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Talk With Kanaya!
Quiz published June 18, 2013 · 1,710 takers
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Hello, my name is Urt, and today we will be having a conversation with the Sylph Of Space. Come on in, Kanaya!
Kanaya: Hello There.


You seem to be getting along!
Kanaya: Yes. What Do You Think Of Me?


I Gotta go get my suit to the tailors. I'll be back!
Kanaya: Alright, Farewell Urt. Anyway, What Kind Of Clothes Do You Normally Wear?

Kanaya: What is your favorite shade of green?

I'm back and lookin sharp. *i do a sexy pose in my suit and top hat* Oh eridan...
Eridan: *passes out*
Kanaya: Good, Now I Can Kill Him Without Anyone Knowing!


Well, it's time to go. Good Night, and don't let the brain surgeon bite!
Kanaya: Farewell.


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