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Harry Potter - What House are you In?
Quiz published June 20, 2013 · 250 takers
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You are attempting to protect something of great importance from an evil demon.  In his hands the object could corrupt the society in which you live.  It is heavily guarded by several magical defenses.  Which do you believe you would overcome the easiest?
The mystery of the Chamber of Secrets has been looming over everyone this year.  What do you choose to do about it?
Sirius Black a criminal who has offended you and your family in an unforgiveable way, stands before you and your friends alongside Remus Lupin, a teacher who has gained your trust this year. Black says that he will commit murder tonight, and the supposed motive for his escape from Azkaban is to kill you. All you know is that Black betrayed your family. What to you do?
You are in a place in which you do not wish to be.  A graveyard.  But that is not all, you are here with a friend, and dozens of foes.  The man who is responsible for your parents death quickly disposes of your friend and then challenges you to a duel in which he knows he will win.  What do you choose to do?
You are engaged in a furious battle at the Ministry of Magic against many Death Eaters. They have captured your friends, and the leader, Lucius Malfoy, tells you that you are holding what he wants. If you give it to him, you and your friends will be spared. If you don't, you and your friends will be killed. You also know that relinquishing the object could increase the power of a tyrant who threatens the stability of the Wizarding World.
You are with Professor Dumbledore at Tom Riddle's cave. He has told you to obey him no matter what happens, and now Dumbledore must drink a potion to recover something that will lead to Riddle's downfall. As you expected, the potion has made Dumbledore delirious with pain and grief. You can hardly stand to see him this way, you and he have grown close this year. But he has told you to make sure he drinks all of the potion.  
It is the Final Battle. Voldemort, or Tom Riddle, is taking Hogwarts. He has given you an ultimatum: "Give me Harry Potter, and none shall be harmed." But he and his Death Eaters are here now, and they are attacking the school. What are you doing?

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