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What does madara think of you?
Quiz published June 24, 2013 · 468 takers
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Let's start this quiz! Are you ready?
Madara: Hn.
Me: *Narrows eyes*
Madara: ready....
Me: Better!

Okay first, Hold up. *Walks calmly behind Madara* What's your favorite color?
Madara: Are you seriously using me as your hostage? Stupid girl. *He mumble at the 2 last words*
Me: *Glares*
Me: Madara you can start with the first question.
Madara: Hn. What do you think of me, besides my enormous strength?
Me: Your so full of yourself.
Madara: *Glares*
Madara: S--
Me: Do you like his hair?
Madara: I'm the one t-
Me: Nobody cares about your questions. *Madara gives her a death glare*
Are Tobi and Madara the same person?
Madara: Hn.
Okay quiz is over, Good luck on your twisted faith of not getting Madara!! Jk lol JK. (Madara: No she's not....)

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