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RoTG- Who would be your BFF?
Quiz published June 24, 2013 · 323 takers
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Hi! I'm Zena and I'm going to he the hostess of this quiz! BUNNY! Get your kangaroo butt over here!
Bunny: Why?
Because you have to ask a question.
Bunny: Fine. What's your favorite color?
! *hides behind Sandy* Bunny! 
Bunny: What?
Jack: Is it my turn? 
Jack: *Pout*
Second best for last!
Jack: aww- wait second best? Who could be better than me.
Jack: I should have seen that coming.
North just ask a question! 
North: Oh, ok. Hey young lady! Whats your favorite holiday?
*Face palm*
Alright, Sandy. I'll translate.
Sandy: *Sand images* 
What's your favorite time of day?
Ok, Tooth come and ask a question please.
Tooth: OK! Do you floss?
Tooth no, just no.
Tooth: Oh fine. What's your favorite song?
 *shrug* I'll take it.
Alright now... lets see who next? ME!
Ok, well... What do you think of me? Am I evil or not?

Ok, Pitch... ugh.
Pitch: Ok, what's your greatest fear?
Well that's creative.
Pitch: That's why I want to kill you.
Jack: My turn!
*Sigh* Yes Jack.
Jack: *Fist pump*Ok, who is your favorite character?
Well that continues the streak of bad questions.
Ok, we got all the Guardians but this quiz is way to shot! Everyone ask another!
Pitch: awwww.....
Shut up  and ask a question before I kick you again.
Pitch: OK OK! What's your second worst fear?
Seriously, no.
Pitch: Fine. What's your favorite animal?
We are going backward so, Jack you're next!
Jack: Ok. Describe yourself in a few words. 
Me: Good one.

 Ok, me again! Ummm.... What do you do in your spare time? What's your hobby?
 Hey, Sandy, your turn.
Sandy: *Nods* *sand images*
What's your favorite sport? Good one by the way, babe.

Tooth: Ok. Well lets see... *long pause* What do you think of me?
Tooth: I couldn't think of anything else!

North: ok. What's your favorite season?

OK, last is Bunny!
Bunny: Ok, fine. What s your... favorite... drink?
*Face Palm*


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