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Your Life in Pokemon Special
Quiz published June 30, 2013 · updated August 3, 2013 · 6,254 takers
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Okay!  I'm Phoenix, nice to meetcha.  I love the Pokemon Special/Adventures manga, and assuming you're taking this, you must too!  Hope you have fun with this quiz!  Here we go!
What's your region?  It doesn't have to be the one you want a boyfriend from.


Won-da-full!  Now, moving on, I'll give you a freebie: 
Who'dja want as your boyfriend?

Okay, now, which of these pokemon do you like best?
Pick a name.
Aaand another name?
Who do you want as your friends?
What's your best trait?
And your worst trait?
Alrighty, what's your job?
 What's your motto?

What do your eyes mean?

D00d read the answers thoroughly

The boy version of you!

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