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Hazza :*
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Hazza :*
You got Harry Styles !!

-How you tell him:

        You just found out that you are pregnant ! You are so happy and you can't wait to tell Harry ! You decide to tell him in a creative way ! Before he gets home you get bright red lipstick and write on your stomach 'You're a Daddy!'.

        You hear Harry come through the door and you quickly pull down your shirt . You walk out of the bathroom and engulf Harry into a big hug . He hugs you back,

        "Baby, I have to show you something," you tell him . You quickly pull up your shirt and Harry see's the words you have written on your stomach . He jumps up and down with joy and kisses you passionately .

-The Gender.

        You, Harry, and the boys (of 1D) are all going to your ultrasound to see the gender of your baby ! You are so excited and you can barely contain your self . You are all sitting in the waiting room when your doctor comes out to greet you and take you back . 

        You scurry to the room and jump onto the bed with excitement . The boys chuckle at your actions, but you ignore them . You lay down quickly and take Harry's hand as you pull up your shirt showing your five month pregnant belly . Your doctor starts moving the transducer probe around and you stare intently at the screen . Soon you see your baby and you scream .

        Everyone is startled and you apologize,

        "Sorry guys it is just, that our baby is on the screen ! Oh my God !" You exclaim . The doctor laughs and starts to speak,

        "Congrats, you two will be having a baby girl !" The doctor exclaims. The boys jump up with excitement while you and Harry share a sweet, loving, kiss .

-Birth (:

        You are now exactly nine months and right on your due date. You and Harry decide to have a lazy day and watch movies . You were halfway through watching '21 Jumpstreet' when your water broke . Harry helped you off the couch and you both walked to the car hand in hand . Soon you arrive at the hospital and your contractions are getting closer together . Harry picks you up and checks you in . The doctors brig you two into a room and you get connected to wires . 

        It is six hours later and you are 6 centimeters dilated . You decide you want an epidural to ease the pain . And another two hours later you give birth to your beautiful baby girl,  Darcy Marie Styles . You couldn't be more happy .


        It is two years later and you and Harry are newlyweds . You are at home playing with two year old Darcy Marie and your five month old girl, Sarah Annabelle Styles 

        Harry is playing with you too and he is the best husband a girl could every ask for and you love him with all of your heart .
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