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Will Ticci-Toby like you?
Quiz published July 8, 2013 · 32,649 takers
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Me: Hello! I'm Hannah :) Are you ready to meet Ticci- Toby? Oh, and by the way, he has a tendency to..well...twitch.

Me: Toby!!
Toby: *runs down the stairs and trips half-way, falling down the rest of the stairs. Once at the bottom, he jumps up, cracks his neck, and twitches* STUCK THE LANDING!!!
Me: Are you alright?
Toby: I can't feel pain, remember?
Me: *facepalm*


Me: Okay, what question- *hears something at the door* What's that?
Toby: I'LL GET IT!! *runs to the door* Who is it?
Slenderman: It is me, Slenderman. Open the door.
Toby: How do I know it's you?
Slenderman: Because I know that you're the one that stole all the pancakes. Jeff was complaining that someone ate the pancakes.
Toby: RICHARD!! IT IS YOU!! *opens the door*
Slenderman: Don'! Although it has a nice ring to it...
Me: SOOOO.... What's your favorite color?


Toby: Oh, oh, can I ask one? PLEEEASSSEEE?
Me: O_o Uumm...sure?
Toby: YAAAAYYY!! So, what is your opinion on pancakes?


Me: So, what are we going to- *hears a noise from the window* Oh great, who is it now?
Slenderman: I'll go check....
Toby: *jumps in front of him* NOOOO!! It's my job! *runs to the window*
Jeff: Let us in!
Masky: Yeah!
Toby: Why should I?
Jeff: Let us in or we'll break the window!
Toby: Alright...*lets them in*
Masky: Thank you!
Toby: Ooh! I have another question! What do you think of Slender Proxies?


Me: So, you wanna do a fate question?
Toby: Sure!
Jeff: Erm, okay...
Masky: Why not?
Slenderman: ...
Toby: Can I pick it?
Me: Well, this is a quiz about you, so...sure, I guess!
Toby: *smiles maliciously* Hehehehe


Me: Okay, last question, and probably the one that I regret asking the most -_- Will you <3 Comment, and follow?
Toby: Pwease? *looks at you expectantly*
Slenderman: It would be most appreciated.
Jeff and Masky: Yeah!


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