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Create Your Dream Boyfriend ♥
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Welcome to another one of my quizzes. I hope you enjoy!
If it was raining outside and your dating plans were ruined, what would you do with your sweetheart instead?


Most commonly asked question (modified)...
What color do you like in a guy?

What kind of personality would you like on your dream guy?
What does he have to do in order to take your breath away?
It's Valentines Day...what would you like as a present?

This is the end people, I hoped you enjoyed taking this quiz as much as I enjoyed making it. Sorry for making it so short, but don't fret my pet, because I will be making a second one, along with a create a girlfriend too, so stayed tuned. (<--Gosh I sound so lame -.-)
Let's leave it to fate, shall we?


What do you hide behind your eyes?

This is a quiz i made. I was kind of depressed. Guys can take this quiz too, i guess, but it is more meant for girls. Sorry.

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D00d read the answers thoroughly

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