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Lost In Confusion Justin Bieber Story/ Quiz Part 3
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*The next morning you woke up and you were not at your own house, or bed.... You look next to you and scream really loud and jump out of the bed seeing Bruno Mars.*
Bruno: WHAT?  What's wrong? *Jumped out of bed and looked at you confused.*
You: Uhm what happened? Why am I here and not at my house?
Bruno: You were drunk so I decided you could stay with me. Your welcome. *smirks*
You *In so much shock you don't know what to say when Phil walks in.*
Phil: You know you guys could've been quieter last night, I got a whole 10 minutes of sleep.
You: What are you talking about? *You didn't know at all what has happened.*
Bruno: Relax all we did was make out, even though you wanted more....*trailed off with a grin and laughed.*
Phil: Riiiiggghhht that's what you call it... *laughs hysterically*


Bruno: Oh alright, see ya around baby *winks *
You: *Shakes head and goes out  the door towards your car. You hear something and look up. *
Paparazzi: Y/N Y/N! What were you doing spending the night over at Bruno's house. Are you guys hooking up? Or was it a one night thing?
You: *Ignores them and gets into car and heads back home.  You see your phone and turn it back on so you could call Justin. There was no answer so you decided to leave a message* Justin! It's me Y/N.... look I am so so sorry about last night, please forgive me. I will be at the studio if you want to talk. I understand if you, Scooter, and Ally are mad. But I hope to see you there, please come. *Hangs up phone and runs upstairs to get dressed into before leaving to the studio. When you get there you see Justin.* Justin hey. *smiles hoping he is not mad*
Justin: *Looks up seeing you* Oh, so your back... look don't bother I finished writing the song for us. Your welcome * says sarcastically
You: I'm sorry Justin please, don't be like this and I love your song.
Justin: Look let's just stop talking and record the song.


You: *Finish up your part and walk back in with everyone else* That song is really beautiful.
Justin: Well that is the title of the song, you know. *still mad as he goes to record his part*
You: *Sit beside your manager Ally and listen to him*
Ally: He really is mad at you, and so are  we. You cant just be playing around, you have work  to do.
You: I'm sorry I am, I don't know why I did what I did but I can't change it. *sighs and listens to the song*
Justin: *Walks back out* Is it all good?
Scooter: Yeah come listen to it *plays song * Your voices are beautiful together. This song is gonna be a hit, you can really feel the connection. I love it


You: Can I talk to Justin... alone? *Looks at everyone and bites your lip nervously*
Scooter&Ally: Yeah, sure *walks out of room leaving you guys alone*
You: Justin what's wrong? I mean yeah I know we made plans to be in the studio and I didn't show up. But something else is bothering you. Can you tell me please?
Justin: I saw you, well actually the whole world knows by now *mumbles and doesn't look at you*
You: You saw me what? *asks confused*
Justin: Kissing Austin, and you stayed the night at Bruno's house after going to his party and dancing with him and kissing him, and who knows what else.
You: I didn't kiss Austin, he kissed me. We are just friends... well I see him just as a friend anyways and I was shocked by what he did so the paparazzi thought we both were kissing, but it meant nothing to me.
Justin: Well what about Bruno?
You: I have been a fan of Bruno for the longest time, him asking me to his party was surprising and made me forget all about everything I had planned with you. I know I danced with him and kissed him but that wasn't me, I was drinking and was out of my mind. He let me stay the night because I was drinking so I didn't drive home till this morning. Nothing else happened. Trust me...
Justin: *Gets up and kisses you*


Justin: *Pulls away from you and looks into your eyes * I was so mad because I like you. I wanted to be the one you went to get coffee with, and kiss or party with. I don't want to lose you Y/N.
You: *Looks back at him speechless* You really like me? But I thought we were just friends?
Justin: I want to be more than friends, I wrote that song for you. Y/N will you go out with me? *bites his lip while starring into your eyes*
You: Yes! Of course I will be your girlfriend. *smiles while hugging him*
Justin: *Hugs you back and kisses you again* Good because I don't know what I would do if I had to see you with someone other than me.


Justin: Good, that means everything to me. Now let's head out of this studio and go out on a real date.
You: Where we going?
Justin: It's a surprise and I hope you will love it.
You: Great let's get going. *Grabs his hand and walks to his car*
Justin: *The whole way there he sang to you while smiling and laughing. * We're here.
You: *Smiles as you see a picnic set up at the beach*
Justin: *Leads you to the picnic and sits beside you happily* You like it?


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