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Which Corpse Party Character are you?
Quiz published July 14, 2013 · 6,117 takers
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If you were stuck in Heavenly Host Elementary, what would be your first priority?
If you found yourself in Heavenly Host by yourself, what would be your first reaction?
Wandering through the dilapidated halls of Heavenly Host, you come across an unconscious boy. He is bleeding rather badly from the stomach, and he won't last much longer in his current state. You...
After some time in the school, you come across a girl about your age. You...
You and one of your friends are attacked by something. You are knocked out, and when you awake, your friend is bleeding from the head, and he is clearly dead. You...
What do you think is your greatest quality?
If you could get one person out of Heavenly Host, who would it be?
You realize that the person you've been traveling with has killed some people in cold blood, but they don't realize that you know. What do you do?
You were killed by a friend of yours, but you realized that they had been influenced by the darkening. You...

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