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Can You Survive In My Dark Horror Story?
Quiz published July 16, 2013 · 242 takers
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**Before we start this quiz, I have to say something.**

        In order to begin this quiz, you must know what the story is about and such.  The key to survival is hidden in one of the questions.  Good luck!  ;
        The title of my horror story is The Snide Morale.  It is my most descriptive, most disturbing, and most disgusting horror story.  Here are the characters included in the story; 
                        Astaroth (Werewolf) - Played by Tyler Hoechlin [Derek from Teen Wolf] 
                        Satan (Creature) - Played by the Djinn from the first two Wishmaster movies
                        You (Astaroth's enemy and spawn of Satan, demon)

                        The basic idea of the story is that there are two main characters, you and Astaroth.  This story revolves around a dark world full of cannibals, zombies, vampires, and other supernatural creatures.  However, you have to kill Astaroth before he kills you.  He wants to kill you because of what you had done to his father in the past.  

                         You don't need to use any weapons.  You are a demon unless you choose a different character.  Will you survive? 

                          Are you ready?  
        Let's begin!  Whom will you be?  Please select any of the three characters below and we may start.  (Note: You cannot be any other supernatural character because they are not the main characters in the story.)
                No matter what you picked, you are the demon.  Unfortunately, you cannot choose Satan because he doesn't come until towards the end of the quiz.  Now, you are supposed to survive based on your skills, knowledge, and what you know based off of horrors.  This quiz is going to be confusing for a reason.  Do you got that? 
                                The story starts out with a description of your surroundings.  Please describe to me where you are or where you think you are.
                                        You are in your own world.  A lot of my stories are based off of a part of an imagination in an unrealistic other dimension.  I will now give you a few sentences of the beginning of The Snide Morale (All copyright goes to me. I truly did write this.)  ;
                     In an illusory world, I fail to survive, and what remains is the suffering of my aphotic soul. I could look up above and sense termination grasping hold of what’s left in my feeble heart.  His revolting breath braided a faint gasp of which flew out of my enervated body.   

                In the last sentence, it describes someone's breath.  Who's breath is it talking about?  
                                        If you chose that it was Astaroth whom was coming up behind you, then you are correct.  Here is another part of the story, however, I changed the point of view. (It will now be changed to 2nd person) ; 
        As your feet thrashed on the corroded corpses of innocent beings, his effectiveness taunted you. Your feet picked up and a set of wings picked up a limp body. The sky’s hues of teal and dull clouds were covered by arcane wings with carmine veins that formed asymmetrical lines. Astaroth’s lateral and central incisors grew to be pointy. His eyes were avid for blood-soaked meat. 

                                What will you do now?  You cannot run from Astaroth, nor can you completely change this part of the story.  But it's worth a try!  Select what you will do now that Astaroth's strength is rising.  

                                No matter what option you chose, you decided to do nothing.  There was no escape, anyway.  He would soon find you, making you even more of an easy target.  You forgot, though, that you are a demon. It will be very easy to survive because you can just use your wings to fly to a destination.  I just gave you a tip.  Now, will you listen to me? 
Choose what you will do now.  Make a smart decision. 
                                You are smart.  You decided to do absolutely nothing.   Should I tell you more of what happens, or should we skip to the more descriptive part and/or the climax? 
                                                We are now skipping to the much more descriptive part.  Read below, as I will translate it to 2nd person once again, and I will let you know what you should do next ; 
The thought of his teeth grasping onto decaying meat and tearing it sickened you. You felt your blood boil intensely.  You felt his greed and thirst. ‘’It does not matter.  All of those lives I took were for a reason.  I cannot help the way that I am. I cannot help my urges!'' Astaroth's eyes broadened and his teeth divulged the thirst that held beneath him.  Your wings fell freely as your feet fell on an adamant texture. His bristly hair hadn’t moved one bit as he haltingly began to make a sly move. His growl sent chills up your pale spine as he jostled you to the stone that formed the abyss. 

                                  Please tell me where you are now.  You and Astaroth are about to enter a bloody battle.

                                        You and the werewolf have now entered a dark abyss.  Who starts the fight, now that you're both glaring at each other furiously? 

                                         You start the fight.  Here is what happens once you start it ;
Your reflexes flung Astaroth to a wall of tumbling rocks. He plunged towards you in an abrupt movement, his breath kissing your neck. Using telekinesis, you dashed into the air, landing on the ground safely.  Your hair fell over my eyes as your feet picked up on a quick pace. Drops of water nurtured the dead organisms around you and expanded the blood on corpses. 

                        Now, what happens?  You must choose wisely. 

                                Cannibals run towards you.  Would you rather me describe the bloody scene or would you rather move on?

                                You have decided to just leave the cannibals alone and move on.  I'm afraid that I now have terrible news..


                                                Someone has snuck up behind you and is not too happy with the thought of you escaping.  Of course it's Astaroth ; 
Astaroth hurdled over aged rocks. His deep voice echoed throughout the area. ‘’You think that you can run away.  You can’t run away from this!’’ You felt him approaching fiercely. Your wings enhanced and extended skin, creating veins. ‘’You cannot run over me.. I am much stronger than you. I had to walk over eggshells around you just to make YOU happy.’’ Rotten pustules formed onto my skin. Tendrils consumed the pus that remained inside and met the atmosphere. ‘’IS THIS HOW YOU WANTED IT TO BE, ASTAROTH? YOU WANTED THIS!’’ the ground shook forcefully. 

                               Unfortunately, this quiz is going to end very soon.  After you yelled at Astaroth, a figure appeared.  Who could it be?

                                                         If you chose human for the previous question, then that makes you completely wrong.  Humans don't exist in this certain horror story of mine.  Does Satan kill Astaroth?  You decide.
                                                         No, Satan doesn't kill the werewolf himself.  Here is what happens at last:
‘’I escaped, and I still couldn’t find peace.’’ Astaroth’s eyes closed, as if he had the gift of capability to jump into a world of freedom and escape.  Another laugh consumed the moment.  ‘’Find peace?..’’ Your partner crossed two bloody arms.  ‘’You cannot possibly find peace in this world of hatred, despair and agony.’’ he kept a smile on his face and it lasted for only a short period of time until the demented werewolf before us tensed and spoke.
           ‘’Yes, peace.. And by peace, I don’t mean a world of respect or people who treat me like I should be treated… I mean peace in the afterlife.’’ he transformed back into a mortal and his lips curved into a straight line.   ‘’This all ends right now.’’

        The quiz doesn't end right here!  Don't worry. (:   There will be one or two more questions.  What happens next? 

                                 This quiz will end with a depressing ending.  It's not actually that depressing if you look at it a certain way.  If you look at it one way, you get your freedom.  Here is what happens;
A steak knife was pulled out from a pocket. You awaited for Astaroth to make an attempt at asphyxiating you, but instead, the knife was pushed under his chin.
‘’I don’t deserve to suffer. I never did.  This all ends right now. I’m done.’’ the blade slid across his neck.  His head slid off of his neck and all that remained was his body and a neck of veins and blood.  The body fell to the ground.

                        Please move on to the last question. 

                                         That was the ending of; 'Can You Survive My Horror Story'.  Did you enjoy this quiz?  
                                                I apologize for any confusion.  I chose for Astaroth to die in the end because I wanted to finish the story quickly.  You may or may not have survived.  How do you think you did? 
                                                Remember: You may have survived, but you didn't even check to see if Astaroth was just faking it.

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