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Can you survive ticci toby-creepypasta
Quiz published July 16, 2013 · 9,130 takers
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Ok so straight to RP time: You find yourself waking up in your bed, something feels off you get up and go downstairs to find blood splattered all over the kitchen, What do you do?

If you picked FREAK THE HELL OUT: 
Then you suddenly hear a noise at the other end of the room in the dark, While freaking out your legs decide to think for you and you high tail it outside into the woods.


If you picked STAY CALM: 
It doesnt really matter when you look down at the blood by your feet you lose it and run out the back door into the woods.


Then you grab a kitchen knife and begin searching around the room trying not to slip on the crimson substance that occupies your kitchen floor, when you near the pantry your hands start shaking and sweat falls down your face as you quickly open the doors to find.......nothing, then someone whispers in your ear boo.....No matter how brave you are you run out into the woods knife in hand.


Then well you ran the hell outta there into the night....with no flashlight....alone....with creepy animal sounds.
Toby: would you stop torturing them thats my job:-<
Me: oh yeah sorry hehe 


Ok so now your in the woods running for your life, you stumble upon an abandoned cabin what do you do?
Toby: It doesnt matter hahaha "Twitch" haha
Me: yes it does now proceed please


If you picked STOP AND THINK or I DONT KNOW:
Well you just gave toby time to catch up, you see him running at you from between the trees what do you do?


If you picked GO INSIDE: 
Then you go inside and find it to be empty except for a fireplace and wooden beams above your head, you decide to climb up onto the beams and wait for toby to enter


If you picked RUN AWAY!!:
Then you ran right past the cabin without looking at it, but toby is still on your trail, you look back to see his glowing yellowish eyes, and you run even faster.


me: yes it is 
A FATE QUESTION!! dun dun dun

 Ready for a long result hope you like it^.^

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