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If you have suffered from self harm or are sensitive on the subject, please do not take this seriously! <3 (much love)
How you met:
"Come on!" You pleaded to the security man checking tickets for your favorite band at the door, "I paid for this ticket!" You had bought a ticket from a group of girls at school, they weren't exactly your friends but they said it was real and it WAS your favorite band. "Look, I'm sorry but they aren't going through and I'll have to call secrurity if you don't move along." You frowned at him and felt your heart sink as he guestured another woman up. You pushed your way trough the crowd and sat on the bottom step of the stairs leading to the venue. You sat there, mad at yourself for how gullible you had been as the space out and around the venue emptied and everyone was inside. You felt the ground shaking and screams coming from inside so you struggled to at least hear the band from outside. After a couple songs you decided to accept yourloss and go home. You gloomily stared at your feet and got up, beginning to walk home. You all of a sudden you felt someone and found your self sitting on the ground. "I am sooooo sorry!" You looked up into the brown eyes of a boy about your age. He was dressed  in a band tee shirt with a plaid button down on, not done up, he had leather bracelets on his wrists almost up to his elbows, and His black hair was shaggy. "That's alright." You grabbed his hand that he offered and he pulled you to your feet. "Why are you hanging around out here?" He asked. "Turns out I had fake tickets. Gullible for the win!" You laughed, embarrassed. " He laughed a little and ran his fingers through his already messy hair, "Yep, I've been there, done that." You smiled and looked at your feet. "Hey, do you want me to walk you home or anything, I don't have anything to do anyways." He offered, goofily grinning. "Sure. I'm ___, by the way." You said. "I'm Andrew, but I jjust go by Drew."  He made a playful face and started to walk, with you dreamily following him. As you walked home and began talking, you realized that you had a lot in common. The bands you liked (turns out he was late to the concert and wasn't let in), you both loved Adventure time, and you both loved playing music. "Well, thanks for walking me home." You said to Drew when you reached your house. "No problem, I'm glad we got met eachother." You stood there for a moment awkwardly before smiling and turning away. "Wait," Drew blurted out, "Give me your hand." Your face reddened as you quickly held out your hand. He grabbed it, pulled out a sharpie and wrote on your hand. Then he gave you a goofy grin and salute and ran off. You looked at his scrawlings on your hand. 'Lets have an adventure sometime, Drew xxx-xxxx"

First date/kiss:
You and Drew had been hanging out a lot and had been having tons of "adventures" (by that, meaning you went to concerts, parties and pplaces with him). You had quickly become best ffriends.  One day he called you, "Hey, ______, I have a surprise for you, meet me where we first met, and you might want to dress nice."He quickly explained. "Wait, Wha-" "I'll see you soon!" He cut you off and hung up. You were confused and got dressed. At the venue where you first met, you saw a huge crowd filing into the building. Drew ran up to you with a huge smile on your face. "You missed this band last time so I thought you'd like to try to see them again!" You laughed and hugged him and you two ran inside together. Your favorite band was only the opening act, but it was AMAZAYN! After the concert you couldn't stop babbling about how awesome it was. You turned to face Drew. "Thaank you so much Drew! I will owe you for the rest of my life!" You giggled. He grabbed both your hands and looked at you with his goofy wide smile. "You opened your mouth to speak but then closed it, simply smiling at him. he raised his eyebrows at you when you quickly pressed your lips to his. You felt him smile into your kiss, you smiled back.

Breakup and makeup:
After you and Drew began dating, you moved in with him, things were great, and spending time with him all the time was sweet and you were almost a year into your relationship. You helped him get with his self harm when you found out. Although, It began to get harder to be with Drew. Things began to get awkward between you and you didn't know why. Drew started to seem restless when he was at home with you, and he would leave during the day and not come back till night, late. After some thougt, you decided to ask him something, "Drew do you love me?" You were you were sitting on your bed. Drew looked at you from the door way were he was standing. "Of course I do." He replied, looking confused. "I don't mean to be nosy but I just-" "Andrew?!" You heard a girls voice come from down the hall. You and Drew quickly looked at eachother and he quickly walked down the hall. You heard him murmurring to her quietly as you stuffed some clothes in your bag. "Well, You're the one who forgot your sweater at my place!" You shook your head in disgust as you heard the door close and Drew come back down the hall. "Don't say anything." You pushed past him as tears triled down your face. "_____, let me explain-" "This happens everytime, Drew! I thought this would be different!" "it is different! i would never cheat on you!" He frantically ran ahead of you and stood in front of the door. "She's my ex girlfriend and she's been having trouble with self harm. I just wanted to help her out since I know what it's like to be there. Please don't leave." his brown eyes glistened with tears. "I just-" Drew cut you off by engulfing you in a hug. "I don't know where I would be without you." he whispered to you.
"I really needded to hear you say that." You said back into his chest.
~You write the rest! Hope you liked!~

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