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What creepypasta boy loves you?
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Hello humans!! I'm Amy the killer and I have brought a few of the boy's with me an they are going to ask you some questions!!! 

Me: Who shall be my first victim?
Me: Masky, Will you do the honors?
Masky: Sure... D-do you like... Cheesecake?
Everyone but Masky: *groans*


Slendy: Amy my child, may I ask the next question?
Me: Sure! Go right ahead dad!
Slendy: Where do you spend most of your time?
Me:Thats original enough.


Me:Who's next?
Ben: ME!!!!!
Me: Ok, ok. Don't explode. I don't feel like scraping Ben off walls today.
Ben: Do you like video games?
Jeff: Very original Ben...


Me: Jack. You. Ask question. NOW!!!
Jack: Ok ok. Calm your pants woman.
Slendy: And try to do something original.
Jack: Fine... Choice of weapon?


Me: And that leaves you Jeff.
Jeff: Fine. Whats your favourite colour?
Me: Very original Jeff....
Jeff:Well..Well... humph.


Thanks for taking my quiz! It's my first so please leave comments on what ! should do.

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