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What does BEN Drowned think of you?
Quiz published August 2, 2013 · 6,146 takers
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Alright Your going to meet Ben what do you think!

* I shove you into a room and you hear a click*
Re-Rebel? what are you doing * you bang on the door and you hear giggles*
You sigh and turn around and see bunch of games and a huge T.v and gaming stuff and you also see a computer with a lot of differnt screans on it.*

Out walks ben from his bathroom and he walks to the gaming chairand un-pauses his game and countiue playing not noticeing your there

He jumps and turns around seeing you , he saves his game and turns the T.V. off.
"Sorry i didnt see you. Um how are you in here?"

Oh" he sighs "Then were going to be in here for awhile so why dont we talk and get to know each outher" he smiles blushing a bit
"Whats your favorite color?" he smiled and started looking under his bed
Do you like video games? *He keeps looking under his bed*
"ugh cant find it" he sighed geting up for the floor and fixs his hat then smiles "Do you have a cell phone?"
what ever you answered, Ben got a cell phone "Now when i i enter into the phone i want you to slip it under the door and say okay, thats all you have to do and well be free!"

You did what he told you to do and after you said okay he exited back out of the phone and unlocked the door "Were free and now were going to go find Rebel!"
Me: im not hard to find *i apear behide him and take his hat and put it on me and pose* How do i look *Said in a werid deep voice*


Ben: Hey give me back my hat!!! He jumps up and down trying to get it
Me: NNEVVVERRR!!!!! i laugh as i run down the hall Ben following me
Ben: Rebel come back here!!
Me: ITS MINE NOW i slide down the railing laeving claw marking it.
Ben: Slendys going to kill you!! he almost grabs my foot
Me: I Know!! -jumps onto the couch
Jeff:  -laughs hearing us and watching me*
Ben: REBEL!!  he trys to jump on me but i jump out though a open window in the living room*
I laugh "REBEL!!" *He jumps out the window as well and lands flat on his face*
Me: i laugh and climb up a tree and sit on a branch watching Ben trying to climb up the tree but failing badly*


Jeff comes out and stands by the tree chuckling. I skillfuly climb down the tree and onto his back. i whispers into his ear and he chuckles and nods.
Ben: Jeff put her down so i can get my hat back! You know much i love it.
Jeff: Really? would you chase me for it?
Jeff and me: *smiles looking at each outher*
Jeff takes off runing with me on his back with bens hat on I laugh.


After you guys chasing us we lose you so you guys head back to the house and on the porch you see a box with writing on the side saying "BEN" ben opens it and its hat. It was washed and folded up nicely. You guys walk in and see me and jeff siting on the couch watching T.V.
Where did you guys go? you ask Ben just huffs
That was part of the plan i whispered in Jeffs ear earlier and thats what we did...' i explained and picked you up "Now its time to go home"


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