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What does Naraku think of you
Quiz published August 6, 2013 · updated August 7, 2013 · 374 takers
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Hello, Naraku will be doing the role playing, but first: who likes to do Role Play? =D
Naraku: You better not complain about the role play.
Me: Quit worrying. *Sits on Naraku's lap*

Naraku: You are walking though the forest that you just moved near to. You saw a castle and went up to it, it was dark....What do you do next?
Naraku: You went in the castle and you saw a man standing there.....What do you do?
Naraku: He saw you and he started walking towards you.....What do you do?
Naraku: He was to fast for you and he grabbed you and carried you to his basement.....What do you do?
Naraku: He tells you his name and tells you he won't hurt you unless you hurt him or disobey him....What do you say/do?

Me: Okay t-*Mouth got covered*
Naraku: That was the end of the quiz. This won't effect your score. Will you rate, heart and/or comment?


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