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Quiz published August 7, 2013 · updated August 20, 2013 · 575 takers
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Right, this is my second quiz so please help me on this site! ^-^ Thanks !

You know the drill (Y/N) = Your Name

So then, lets get to it!

Oh and btw, the questions are long & it's a RP type quiz, so just skim & scam if you don't want to read it all :)


You shiver in the dark abandoned forest. Sure, you've heard of Slenderman & the creepypasta's but you don't really believe in them. Ha I mean seriously? A man with tentacles and no face? 

It must be 11pm? You stand alone in the neglected forest. You're not scared, just lonely. All of a sudden, you hear a rustle in the bush behind you.
"Hello?" You shout...."HELLO?", you shout again only louder. You feel a presence but you can't see anybody. It's just started to rain and you stare up into the deep, midnight sky. You could hear a rumble in the distance and the rain only came down harder - rain is only the burden of the cloud of whom which couldn't carry it any longer. 

You start to shiver more; not only because of the piercing icyness of the wind, but because you was scared. You feel the presence again, only much closer. You turn around and there before you is a man. An extraordinary man dressed up in a suit and tie. You have to crane your neck up to look at his non existent face. There upon his pale white face was nothing, nothing at all.

You react by

Whatever you do, he does nothing. He just stands and stares at you icily. Of course, he has no eyes, but he acts like he can see you, maybe even inside your head. He wraps one of his tentacles around your neck, lightly. You almost collapse under yourself through sheer terror. Unanticipatedly, Slender twitches as if he feels something, hears something that your weak ears cannot make out. He becomes distant, just staring out into the distance. Gradually, his grip around your neck gets tighter and tighter until you let out a quiet whimper. Slender slowly turns to face you and loosens his grip. Suddenly he vanishes. 
You decide to try and find a way out of this forest, but it's useless - this place is like a maze! Again, you hear rustling, bit this time further ahead. Something in your head is telling you to go there, to investigate but your heart is telling you other wise. It's a battle inside of yourself, Head V Heart, and eventually Head wins. You dubiously walk towards the noise, being careful not to be heard,  when you hear a fulminating, drunken voice shouting "YEAH? WHAT'S YOUR PROBLEM YOU £&$%? HEY? I SAID, WHAT'S YOUR £%$!&%£ PROBLEM?" You're startled  and frozen in your space. You hesitantly start walking again, a voice in your head urging you on. There before you, you see a drunken mess, holding a knife and a bottle of beer. He has long, shaggy black hair to his shoulders and his dark, ominous eyes stared into the misty, unlit air. His voice and body language suggested that he was mad, but his horrendous smile said otherwise. Opposite is the creepy man you met earlier. You're scared but you have to do something, but what is it that you do?

They both notice you at once, but instead of lashing out at you, they ignore you. (If you threw a rock at one of them, they just rub the spot it hit them at, annoyed)
Jeff: &£%$£, ANSWER ME! *Throws beer bottle at Slender*
Slender, without a warning, strikes at Jeff, strangling him with his tentacles. Jeff stabs frantically at Slender, but somehow slender with-stands it. If only Slender had a face, it would be full of pain. Jeff, still smiling, is flung across the forest and he hits a tree. It looks extremely painful, but that smile just won't go away. Jeff is sitting on the floor, yet is making no attempt to get up. Maybe he's injured? What do you do?


Everything just freezes for a minute. It's eerily quiet, until you hear an owl. This is when Jeff recovers and smirks in Slender's face.
Jeff: Is that all you got? Ha, I remember the time you were competition to me, and I had to actually try. But i guess you're just a withering old man, who's kinda...lost his touch. Phhhst.
Slender: You feeble-minded child. You have not yet witnessed of what I am capable of. Your mind is just full of useless crap (excuse my language) and killing, but not of the plans you wish to follow. You have no course of action, no complexity in your killings...whereas I, plan every last detail.
Jeff: Ha, hold your big words. Planning gets you nowhere, I mean look at you! Can't even knock out a kid like me! Pathetic....
Slender: *Pauses and walks up to jeff slowly*
Jeff: *Points knife* Stay away from me freak!!!
Slender: Hold it, child..compose oneself. Do you hear that? Do you? It's the sound of defeat. The sound of your narrow little mind collapsing on oneself...
Jeff: *Covers ears* OW WHAT THE £$&£! STOP IT! *Collapses to the ground, letting out an ear-peircing scream* STOP
Slendy: Hahaha, foolish one.
Jeff: *Spasms on ground*
Slender: *Turns around and see's you. He slowly starts walking towards you*
What do you do?


Sooo, thank you for taking my quiz! The results will be what happens next....
There are 5 different results, so if you don't like yours - just do it again! (If you can bear taking this quiz again)
I would ask for you to favourite & follow, but that annoys people so I won't ^-^
....but I do follow back :) 
So thank you (again) and I hope you like your result!


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