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How much do you really know about Louis Tomlinson
Knowledge Quiz published August 13, 2013 · 89 takers
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In Louis's Signature, what drawing is next to his name (on the right)
What was Louis's first word?
What is Louis's opinion of chilli-flavoured ice cream?
What is Louis's star sign?
What year was Louis born?
If Louis could have anyone round for dinner, who would it be?
How many sisters does Louis have?
What English show has Louis appeared in?
What job did Louis's mum used to have?
 What is Louis's favourite biscuit?
 What job(s) did Louis have when he was younger, two are correct;p
 What is Louis's shoe size?
 What is Louis's long term friend's name?
 What is Louis's Hair and Eye Colours?
 Does Louis like Pizza?
 Does Louis like computer games?
 Cats or Dogs?
 What is his girlfriends name?
 Louis has a tattoo of a stick man skateboarding? 
 Louis has a tattoo of two screws?
 Louis has a tattoo of 'Be true to who you are' ? 
 Louis has a tattoo of a playing card?
 I hope that everyone enjoyed my quiz, will you heart and comment ect? (: 
 Are you sure? ;p

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