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Extreme sleepover with One Direction ;) Part 19
Quiz published August 13, 2013 · 5,083 takers
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Justin: Y/n is going to tell the world she hates you all on Ellen!
Harry: WHAT?
Justin: YEAH!
The guys didn't bother to ask anything they just left and went home
Zayn switched on the television and they all stood up in shook!
They couldn't believe what they saw/heard on the television!

*You on television*
Y/n: Ever since I became famous all I ever did was trouble everyone and everything around me, Harry, Zayn, Niall, Liam and Louis were all hurt because of me, and Justin just can't stay out of my damn life, he keeps messing up everything when I try to make it better, I hate hurting them, I love them all so much, they mean a lot to me and I wish to be no more pain to them that's why I'm leaving this singing career....*rips contract*


You walked out in tears, everyone was shocked, even the guys.
They all tried calling your phone but there was no reply.
You walked into the studio where you saw Michael, the guys and Justin standing there
Y/n: Guys-----
Michael: Before you say anything let me speak, why? why y/n?
Michael: You're being too dramatic! Stop being so f**king stuck up! *walks away*
Y/n: Guys I----
They all just walked away


You felt as if part of you just died, no wait, all of you just died.
Michael didn't even try to talk you into not leaving.
You went home and packed all your stuff, you were about to leave when you saw a picture of you and the guys
The tears started to flood your eyes. You kissed it and you walked out the door, slowly closing it and you got into a cab which drove you to the airport
On the radio they played The Script-If you could see me now
You stared out the window remembering all the good and bad times you had with the guys, You enjoyed the few months of fame that you had, you lived your dream for a few months but it was time to let go now.
You arrived at the airport and took a plane to somewhere no one will ever find you, you decided to go to Australia because you always wanted to go there so you did.
You settled there as a normal person except, you didn't look the same, you wore lots of hoodies so no one would recognize you
It was exactly 2 months since all the drama, the guys were on tour and it was their last day on tour today.


You were sitting on the sofa watching television when you heard the door bell...
You opened the door and sawww........
The guys!!
You stood there shocked and so did they
Louis: Why'd you leave us babe? *almost about to cry*
You couldn't hold it back so you just fell on your knees and burst into tears
Liam picked you up and took you to sit down on the sofa
Y/n: I'm sorry guys, I really am, Things were just so frustrating I didn't know what to do
Zayn: So you chose to give up?
Niall: Shut up Zayn, you're not helping!


Harry: Anyway, we got a surprize for you!
You turned around and saw Michael
Y/n: what do you even want Michael, you walked out on me before anyone else could, you gave up on me so fast, you taught me that is was okay to give up just by doing that, of all the people in the one, you walked out on me when I need you the most, you---
Michael hugged you tight to shut you up
Michael: Doll, the reason I did that was because you needed some time alone to think things through, if I am always there for you then how will you learn to handle disappointments in life? I wanted you to learn to make it on your own when no one is there for you and I'm proud of you, and i'll say something, stop everything and get packing cuz we're going too Hollywood...again! *winks at you*
You smiled and hugged him and went upstairs to pack your stuff and got back down, you all got on the next plane to America.


You all arrived there and Michael took you to the studio where you signed another contract.
Harry: We're going to get coffee, so if you need us we'll be right across the road
Michael: Okay guys, So y/n, Tomorrow we record a next song okay? But it's a duet :)
Y/n: Ouuu nice but with who?
Michael: One Direction of course!
Y/n: *excited* Awesome! Hey Michael can I speak to you in private please?
Michael: Sure hun
You and Michael both walked into a room
Y/n: I really love the guys but its so hard to be around them, because I think they all have feelings for me and I like them too yes but I can't choose :(
Michael: I have a solution to that *calls the guys*


Guys: Yeah?
Michael: Okay guys, who loves y/n the most?
They all raised their hands, screaming meeee and looked as if they were about to pee themselves o.o
Michael: haha okay okay chill! Here's the deal okay, Every night from tonight, y/n is going to spend the night with one of you, buttttt!!!! No rated stuff okay? Think of this as a game, if you break the rules you're disqualified okay? So here are the rules, No s3x or rated stuff, it's up to you to impress her in just one night, you can take her out yes but just remember the rules and to make it fun, while you are both out I secretly put cams on you so me and the rest of the guys home can enjoy :) so here's a bottle, spin it y/n and whoever it lands on is going to be the first person you'll spend the night with
You took the bottle and gave it a spin and it landed on.....Harry!
He look at you and smirked which revealed his sexy dimples <3
Michael: Okay Harry and y/n, tonight's your night so Harry think of where you're taking her and be ready by 8 both of you okay?
Harry: okay :)


So you guys just hung out at the studio all day until it was about 6pm now.
you all decided to go home so you did, You Louis, Liam, Zayn and Niall were watching a movie while Harry was upstairs
You decided to go upstairs and check on Harry
You walked up the stairs and knocked on his door but you didn't hear anything so you turned to door knob to see if it was open and it was
So you went in looking for him but he wasn't there, then something caught your eye....
You looked on his dresser and what you saw made you really surprized..... You couldn't believe it...


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