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Stuck with One Direction (Part 1)
Quiz published August 13, 2013 · 7,728 takers
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Before I start, I'd like to point out that I'm British. So for anyone who gets confused by my spelling (favourite, colour, etc.), that's why. We spell things differently, I have no idea why. It's pretty dumb -_-

Anyways, this is my first quiz/story, so I'm sorry if it sucks :) Hope you enjoy it xx

The first question, I'll give you a freebie :D


You step into your favourite restaurant, Nandos, with your best friend. You close your eyes and breathe in the heavenly scent of chicken and all the assorted spices.
You: I love this place so much!
Your best friend nods and smiles widely, taking you to the table he/she had booked yesterday.
(Y/B/F/N): I know you do, (Y/N). That why we-
You cut off your best friend by letting out a quiet, excited squeal when you hear a distinctive accent.
Niall: *Talking to the other members of 1D* Thanks for bringing here, boys! You know how much I love Nandos!
Harry: Actually, Niall, we know how much you love to eat.
You bite down on your lower lip to stop yourself from shrieking in joy as the five lads start laughing in the adorable way they do.
(Y/B/F/N): *Frowns in confusion* Um, (Y/N), are you feeling alright? It's just, you're acting so weird all of a sudden...
You: *Whispering* Look at the table right by the window. It's them, (Y/B/F/N), it's One Direction!
Your best friend sighs and rolls his/her eyes; he/she has learned to put up with you and your fangirling. He/she knows every lyric to every one of One Direction's songs, and knows most of the facts that Directioners know, all because of your non-stop talk about them.
You: I wanna ask them for an autograph, but I'm scared that they'll just send me off. I mean, they probably came here for some private time...
(Y/B/F/N) *Sighs in an exaggerated manner* Just go talk to them, then, if you're too scared to just ask for an autograph. Get to know them, y'know?
You: *Shifts weight from foot to foot nervously* I um... I already know all the facts...
(Y/B/F/N): You know what I mean! Just go introduce yourself, I'll wait for you at our table. *Smiles kindly and points in the direction of they boys' table* Now, off you go!
You inhale deeply to calm yourself down and nod slightly. You start to approach your idols' table, your heart hammering against your chest. This is it, you're about to talk to One Direction.
You: *Whispering to self* Do NOT freak out in front of them, (Y/N). Play it cool, then you have more chance of having a decent conversation with them.


Niall looks across when he sees you calmly approaching their table. You've suddenly found some inner confidence, and that's given you a huge boost.
Liam: *Follows Niall's gaze* Um... Who's that?
You stop when you reach their table, leaning against it casually. You smile round at each of them in turn, and find yourself blushing deeply as you and Harry's eyes lock onto each other's. You quickly snap out of your trance and let out a slight giggle.
You: Hey guys, I'm (Y/N), and I'm a huge fan of you guys! Don't worry, I'm not gonna scream in your face or anything. *Chuckles, suddenly nervous again*
Niall: Well, that's a relief! I get absolutely terrified when fans do that!
Harry: Louis, move up! *Shoves Louis playfully* 
Louis: Hey! *Pouts and moves up further on the seat* There, Curly, happy now?
Harry: *Laughs and pats the spot beside him* Sorry about him, he tends to get a little... Sassy. Take a seat, (Y/N)
You smile gratefully first at Louis, then at Harry, before taking a seat beside the curly-headed boy.
Zayn: So, (Y/N), you probably already know us...
Liam: But we're gonna introduce ourselves anyway!
Louis: *Stands up and clicks fingers in z-formation* So, I'm Louis Tomlinson, friends call me Louis or Lou, or Boo, or Tommo...
Harry: Pipe down, we get it!
Louis just laughs and sits down slowly as Liam rises to his feet.
Liam: I'm Liam Payne, call me any nickname you want. I honestly don't mind.
The rest of the boys introduce themselves, and you smile softly to yourself while thinking: 'Us Directioners were right. These guys are the sweetest, most down-to-earth guys ever!'
Harry: *Nudges you* Um, (Y/N)?
You look up, blinking a few times. When you go deep into thought, you tend not to have the ability to hear people, and you often stare at random objects.
Harry: Is that napkin really more important than Zayn's question? *Chuckles*
You frown guiltily, feeling frustrated at yourself.
You: Sorry, I was just thinking about stuff... What were you saying, Zayn? Sorry, by the way.
Zayn smiles at you, indicating that there are no hard feelings between you and him. You're relieved at this, as you'd genuinely love to get to know the boys properly.
Zayn: So, (Y/N), where are you from, then?
You look around the table in pure curiosity as to why there's suddenly silence.
You: Um... Guys?"
Harry: SSH! *Covers your mouth, his face almost completely white*


You sit there in shock, not knowing what to do next. When you look behind you, you see your best friend rush out of the restaurant along with a rather large group of people. The next thing you know, Harry's shoved you off the seat. You sit on the cold, tiled ground for a while, confused as to why he was suddenly acting so strange. Harry lifts you into his arms, much to the other boys' jealousy.
Harry: *Whispering to the other boys* Run to the bathroom, I don't care which one. I'll follow with (Y/N).
The other boys nod and start to run as fast as their legs can carry them towards the nearest bathroom, which is the boys'.
You: *Whispering* Harry, what's going on? I'm scared.
Harry bites down on his lower lip as you begin to sob into his chest.
Harry: *Whispering back* I'm so sorry, (Y/N), but I don't know what's going on either. All I know is that we need to hide. Now.
You cling onto Harry, too terrified to say anything else. Just as Niall is about to lock all of you in the bathroom, you all hear a CRASH! sound from behind. Harry sets you onto your feet so you can see what has happened, too. You gasp and hide behind Liam when you see what's happened...


Before you can scream, Liam covers your mouth.
Liam: Ssh, darling, it's gonna be alright... I promise... *A tear rolls down his cheek* 
You: I-I hope so.
The mirror has been cracked down the middle, and written in blood-red Sharpie are the words: 'Hope you have fun in the bathroom. You're gonna have to come out of there eventually, and we'll be waiting. But that girl... She's something special ;) - Anonymous...' You whimper softly after reading the words. You're shaking with fear and your face is pale as a ghost.
Louis: (Y/N)? (Y/N), are you alright?
You try to say no, but you just end up collapsing. You fall into Zayn's grip as you lose consciousness almost in an instant.
Zayn: *Screaming* (Y/N), STAY WITH US! *Shakes you gently*
The other boys rush over, fear striking them
All the 1D boys: (Y/N), wake up! Please?


When your eyelids slowly flutter open after around an hour or so, you find yourself still in the bathroom - you can tell because of the distinctively wrecked mirror. The thing that first hits you is that none of the boys are in sight. 
As you attempt to stand up on your shaky legs, you realise that you're tied down to a chair. Judging by the tightness of the knots, the people who've done this intend for you to stay there for a while. You start to whimper in fear when you see about three tall, muscular, menacing-looking men approaching you.
You: W-Who are you? Where's Niall? Zayn? Liam? Louis? Har-
One of the men rams a cloth into your mouth, tying it and therefore gagging you. As you try to scream for help, your words are muffled.
Person 1: *Chuckles evilly* What was that, dear? I'm sorry, I couldn't hear you. *Grabs your face with a rather large hand, turning your head from side to side* You're a beautiful girl, you know that?
You jerk your head away from his touch as if his hand was of scorching temperature. You look down at your feet as a tear rolls down your cheek. Another of the men steps closer, a smirk spread across his smug face.
Person 2: Do you really want to see your precious boys again?
You nod slightly, glancing up at the person. Damn, if you weren't tied up, you'd slap him right now.
Person 2: *Smirk widens* Then you need to find them. But that might be quite difficult, I'm afraid. You see, they could be in Nandos right now, but they could be anywhere nearby. Notice how we said 'nearby' so it wouldn't be too difficult for you, little beauty. *Pinches your cheeks*
You, again, jerk your head away from the person's touch. You don't like to be touched with strangers, especially creeps like these three. The third man walks over and grabs a few locks of your hair. He pulls you slightly upwards by your hair so that his lips are hovering by your ear. You whimper in pain and squeeze your eyes shut.
Person 3: *Whispering* It's not gonna be as easy as walking into a random place and hoping for the best. We've got a person in each place we think you'll be looking in. Every time you go into the wrong location, you get hurt. Could be physically, could be emotionally. Either you get hurt, or we force you to watch one of the boys get hurt. Now, we're going to untie you. Off you go, dear.
The third person releases his tight, rather harsh grip on your hair as he unties first the ropes securing you to the chair, then the gag.
All 3 people: Off you go, beautiful.
You run out of the bathroom with tears rolling down your cheeks. You just hope you don't go into the wrong place, in case they hurt the boys...


Sorry this was so short, this is a tester. Let's say that if I get 20 people who take this quiz, I'll make part 2? If not, then I'll know that people don't like it and I'll stop making them. That's no problem, don't worry. :) 

Thank you if you took this quiz, please leave feedback in the comments? Thank you xx

For now, let fate decide!


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