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Justin Bieber vs. One Direction story part 20
Quiz published August 13, 2013 · updated August 13, 2013 · 5,719 takers
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The unknown's scurried away like little mice as they heard the front door fling open. You grew angry since you were going to find out who they were but this person decided to barge in right when you were going to find out.
You looked at the door and standing right there was Christofer drew... wait what!? You hurried down the stage, leaving the tipsy Harry on stage and you ran into Christofer's arms. You haven't seen Christofer for years [BTW Christofer Drew is in the band Nevershoutnever so yea...].
Christofer: *hugs you* Wow... I wasn't excepting you here *laughs*
Harry: HEY! Don't hug my woman!
You: *pulls back* Uh... I'm not his woman. How did you get here, were you following me or something?
Christofer: Umm no, I was suppose to come here to practice..
You: What? Practice? At like a children's theater or something?
Christofer: *rubs the back of his head, messing up his brown hair* No, my band told me to come here...
You: *laughs* I think you're at the wrong place, no one else is here except.. *looks at Harry* That dude and me.
Christofer: How come I saw some other people?
Harry: The grim reapers!
Christofer: And why is he tied up?
You: I can explain... if you could possibly bring Harry and I back to London?
Christofer: *walks to stage* I don't know... again I have to meet up with my band and now that I found out I am at the wrong place, I have to call them and travel to the right place *starts to untie Harry*
Harry: Thanks buddy.
You: *gets on stage* Please Christofer? We can also catch up on each others lives since we haven't seen each other for years...
Harry: I like your tattoos bro *giggles*
Christofer: Um, thanks..
You: He's kind of drugged right now.
Christofer: May I ask why? This is kind of getting weird... he was tied up in a chair and now I find out he is drugged?
Harry: I was kidnapped! It was fun, there was these creepy people staring at me and everything. You should have saw them, doesn't anyone have food? I'm hungry.
Christofer: Wait, there's other people here?
You: Yea, but I think they left.
Christofer: Well... I guess I will drive you back to London. I mean you have to explain this all to me because I feel so confused right now.
Harry: Yay! We have a new friend y/n *loops arm around Christofer* Bring me to the car princess...
Christofer: *looks at you, confused*
You shrug and make your way to the front door, spotting Christofers Nubira.
Harry: Nice car! *runs toward it but falls to the ground and starts laughing* 


You help Harry into the backseat since he was too loopy to get in the car himself. You closed the door, getting the response of Harry playfully screaming and banging on the window, begging him to be let out. You get in the shotgun seat while Christofer gets in the driver's seat. Harry started making weird farting noises with his mouth, making you laugh a little bit.
Christofer: *pulls out of the driveway* Is he alright?
Harry: No I'm not, I'm just hungry, can we get something to eat *fake cries*
You: Harry, let's just wait until we arrive in London then we will get something to eat.
Harry: Poop youu *cracks up*
Christofer: Now can you explain why he was tied up and why he's drugged?
Harry: Wait! Turn up the radio!
Christofer look at him suspciously but slowly turned up the radio.
Harry: My jam! Don't drop that thun thun thun! yes! Y/n, don't drop that thun thun thun *laughs and lays down on the seat*
Christofer: What did you even drug him with?
Harry: *waves hands in the air* Woot woot!
You: *sighs* I don't even know...
Harry: Hey, how did ya'll meet? *pets your hair*
Christofer: It was at my concert..
You: yeah... remember when Justin called the police to search for us?
Christofer: *laughs* oh yeah.
Harry: *claps* Tell me the story.
Christofer: You tell him, I have to focus on driving.
You: Oh ok...


You ran out of the house quickly, trying to hurry into Christofer's car before Justin got home. All day you were left all alone and you were super bored so you called up Christofer to see if he could pick you up and he agreed.
You jumped into his car and slammed the door, glancing at the house one last time and then glancing at Christofer.
You: Hey *buckles seat belt and lays back*
Christofer: *starts driving* hey, Justin seriously doesn't know your sneaking out?
You: *sighs and nods* Yea, can we just get out of here before he comes? I don't want him to find out.
Christofer: Yeah, where do you want to go?
You: *turns head toward Christofer* Starbucks? 
Christofer: Sounds good.
You sit down on the chair that was outside of the ice cream place with [your favorite coffee at starbucks] in your hand. Christofer also sat down with chocolate frappuccino 
You: I wish Justin would let me go out more, I mean people don't really freak out if they see me because I'm not famous or anything..
Christofer: *drinks his coffee* You're famous, y/n. If you're Justin's girlfriend you're practically famous.
You: *shrugs* But again, people don't freak if they see me, they just glance at me or whisper into their friends ear that I'm Justin's girlfriend but not anything special.
Christofer: Your lucky then, you don't have people crawling over you, begging to get your signature.
You: *sighs* I don't know... I don't consider myself lucky.
Christofer: *sets his coffee on the table* you are lucky, now can we change the subject? I hate talking all serious, it makes me sad. 
You: You're right, sorry, I'm just little Miss. Drama queen aren't I? *laughs*
Christofer: *shrugs and laughs with you* Maybe...
You: So how's your singing carreer going? Didn't you just release the album Harmony?
Christofer: Yes, yes I did. I dedicated one song off of there for you.
You: Ooo really? *takes a sip of your coffee* What song?
Christofer: Sweet perfection
You: *smiles really wide like the Chesire cat* Really?
Christofer: Yeah *reflects your smile* 
You: Well thank you! That's really sweet Chris.
Christofer: No problem, I just couldn't get the thought out of my head so I wrote it down and start recording... thanks for helping me come up with a song.
You: *laughs* You're welcome.
Suddenly your phone started buzzing rapidly in your pocket, making you almost jump and fling your ice cream at Chris. You set down your ice cream on the table and clicked answer, not even glancing at the caller ID.
You: Hello?
Justin: I have been LOOKING FOR YOU!
You: Justin?
Justin: Yes! You better come home right now! I have police searching for you!
Right as he said that, police cars zoomed past, their sirens going off, blue and red flashing. You gasped and ran into Chris's car. Christofer followed you and flung himself into his car and started driving away as fast as he could.


~Present time~
Harry: Now I want Starbucks!... Um Chrissy boy pull over!! I need me some coffee!
Christofer: *ignores Harry* Why did Justin call the police anyways?
Harry: he called the police on me once, I was being a bad boy.
You: Harry, he called the police because I snuck out without him knowing...
Harry: Blah blah blah, *does loser sign* Justin is a Loser for calling the police on me that one time! A LOSER!!! *rolls down window* Did ya'll hear that? A LOSERRRRR!!
You: *tugs on Harry's shirt to pull him out of the window* Harry stop it!
Christofer: *rolls eyes* so why did he?
You: *releases Harry's shirt, letting Harry shout out the window* Just he's so protective over me... maybe it's because of my past. He thinks I'll go crazy and just completely run away from him.
Harry: *sits back down and rolls up the window* I wanna stay up all night!
You: *shakes your head but finally breaks down and starts laughing* What did I do you you Harry?
Harry: You made me all fun! :D 
You: *turns head so you were fcaing Harry* I guess I did... I just hope you get un-wound up.
Christofer: What did you even do to him?
You: Well... those people that ran away before you officially came in wanted me to drug Harry so they could hurt him...
Christofer: *gasped* and you did it?
Harry: They wanted to chop me up like cheese *makes chopping motions with his hands* But I kept telling them I wasn't food!
You: *rolls eyes and laughs* they said they would tell me who they were if I brought Harry but then you came...
Christofer: Should I be sorry or should I pat myself on the back for interrupting?
You: *shrugs* I don't know... I guess I should be thankful for you coming, I mean Harry could have gotten hurt.
Harry: Like cheese *sounding tired*
You: Right... like cheese.


During the long drive Harry went from crazy, laughing and screaming to... well sleeping. Harry feel asleep and the rest of the car ride seemed so quiet. Though you couldn't stop laughing about the fact that you made Harry all loopy and made him go crazy.
Christofer didn't speak the rest of the car ride, probably just wanting to drop you off then find where the heck his band is. Imagine that? Having a band and accidentally going to the wrong place? That would be so stressful and you would have to be running around all the time...
When Christofer pulled up to Claridge he raised his eyebrow at you.
You: What? *opens the door*
Christofer: Sorry, I forgot you were richer than me.
You playfully slap Chris on the shoulder and you make your way over to the backseat so you could wake up Harry. You get out of the car, open the back door and start shaking Harry.
Harry: *wakes up* I wanna be forever young!
You: Great... you're still tipsy.
Chris starts cracking up and put his head on the stirring wheel, shaking his head while laughing.
You: Oh shut up Chris *grabs Harry's arm and starts to pull Harry out of the car*
Luckily Harry didn't collapse on the floor when you dragged him out of the car or else that would be embarrassing in front of all those people passing by. You and Harry walk up to the entrance, looking back as you saw Christofer drive away. You felt kind of sad inside since you haven't seen him years and this was the only chance to get to catch up on his life... but that didn't happen.
You opened the door, trying to get Harry inside but he just stood in place outside. He started laughing and yelling random words like "Poof" and "Hamburger". 
You: Harry *grabs his hand* Let's go inside and to the room, I think you just need to sleep and wait for tomorrow when you will be your normal self again.
Harry: *fake cries* I don't want to be my normal self *starts to sit down on the sidewalk*
You: NO Harry! Get up.
Harry: I like pooping.
You: Harry stop you don't know what your saying, just get up please? *tries to lift him up*
Harry: My mum once said that if I wanted to sit down, I can sit down. No one should stop me! I'm Harry styles, I have rights you know? I want to sit down, fine! I want to sit down.
You: *looks around, trying to get someone to help you lift Harry up* Harry, please! Just get up.
Harry: And live while we're young!
Girl: Hey... everything alright?
You: No, he won't get up... mind if you help me?
Harry: two ladies trying to pick me up? Oh my god my dream came true!!!
Girl: *giggles and grabs one of Harry's arms*
You: *does the same and starts lifting up Harry* Just get up Harry...
Harry: *stands up* I think I might fall again... help me!!
Girl: Do you need help?
You: No, we got this. Thank you by the way, I probably would have never gotten him up.
Girl: *smiles* no problem.
You nod, wishing you could have seen her face since she was wearing sunglasses and a hat. Though you did see some bleach blonde strands of hair poking out underneath her hat...
You carry Harry inside of Claridge, making your way to the front desk.
Unknown: Hey y/n.


You turn around to see Justin walking toward you, waving at you and smiling. Your eyes widened and you almost dropped Harry from excitement but you held onto Harry's hand, waiting for Justin to make his way over to you.
When Justin saw Harry basically hanging all over you he turned confused but just shook it off.
Justin: Hey, what's up?
You: How did you know I was going to Claridge?
Justin: Liam mentioned it in the plane.
Harry: I wanna fly back to California *places head on your shoulder*
Justin: Is.. he ok?
Harry: I'm more then ok, I'm great! How about you skinny boy? How you doing? Still trying to put swag in your name? well I don't think that will work you-.
You cover Harry's mouth with your hand and let out a weak laugh. Justin crinkled his eyebrows and looked up at you.
Justin: Is he drunk?
Harry: Drunker then yo momma.
You: Harry, I think we need to go to the room, right?
Harry: *lifts head off your shoulder* But I'm not tireddd *yawns*
You: Yes you are, let's go, Justin could you let Harry loop his other arm around your shoulder?
Justin looked at Harry and nodded, taking his arm and looping it around his shoulder. You, Justin and Harry walk over to the front desk lady to check in.
Harry: *looks at her with lazy eyes* I um live here.. so can you just let me go up to my room?
Lady: What's your room number? *annoyed that Harry was tipsy*
Harry: 1234, it's the red door. Hey that rhymed! I'm the new Jay-Z... WOOOO!!!
Justin widened his eyes and looked around to see people staring at You, Justin and Harry.
Lady: I'll just make it easier and look up the name *smiles*
Harry: Ok yellow teeth.
You: Harry!
Justin: What's wrong with him?
Harry: No Justin Beaver, what's wrong with you?
Lady: It's room 2319 *smiles*
You: Ok, thanks, He probably would have never told me.
Harry: The room number is 2319, I just remembered.
Justin: Yeah yeah, let's just get you to your room *walks away, Harry's arms still around you and Justin's shoulders*


When everyone reached the door you felt Harry's pockets so you could find the room key.
Harry: Woah watch it y/n... wait until we are in the room!
You: *gasp* EW! HARRY!
Harry chuckled and un-looped his arm around you to get the key out of his back pocket.
Harry: I knew you wouldn't dare reach for my bon bons.
Justin grawled under his breath, hating how Harry Styles was flirting with you. You unlock the room and open the door to get splashed with the smell of cologne, really strong cologne, except it wasn't Bleu de Chanel, it was all kinds of cologne's mixed into one.
Niall peered out of the corner and started screaming, running into you and hugging you really hard. Harry un-looped his arm from Justin's shoulder and passed Niall's and yours embrace.
Niall pulled you back and smiled really widely, looking like he was about to kiss your cheek.
Niall: Both of you! Come in! Come in! *looks at Justin and you*
You look behind you at Justin and smile and walk inside of the cologne filled hotel room. Justin closed the door behind him and stood by the door awkwardly.
Niall grabbed your hand and pulled you to the hotel living room where Harry was already passed out on the couch and Zayn and Liam were on the ground playing cards. There was something different about Zayn... His casts were off!
Niall: Guess who came back!
Both Zayn and Liam look up at once, gasp, get up and pull you into a group hug. Niall joins too and starts laughing with happiness.
Liam: H-How!? How did you get out of there!? How did you escape?
You: *pulls away* It's a long story that I have to tell you guys later.
Zayn: hey! check out my free leg and arm! *wiggles arm and leg*
You: *giggles* yeah! I'm happy those stupid casts are off of you!
Zayn: yeah! Come! Sit down! *grabs your hand and pulls you to the couch that Harry wasn't sleeping on*
You: *pulls away* Um... Justin's here, I think I should talk to him first...
Zayn: *looks at Justin who was waiting by the doorway*
Zayn: Oh... ok.
You smile and walk away from Zayn to Justin.


You: Sorry... Harry is just a little crazy today...
Justin: *nods and looks away* Why is he like that? Did you guys go to a bar or something?
You: No... The unknowns... can we just talk about this later? I don't want to talk about this right now.
Justin: Sure, let's go somewhere.
You: *looks behind you at the boys who went back to what they were doing* Ok
Justin opened the door while you told the boys that you were going to take a little walk with Justin. They gave you "ok's" and told you that you had to actually come back this time. You laughed and followed Justin out of the door, closing it behind you. Justin sped walked in front of you, seeming like he was in a rush to get away from them.
When you and Justin exited the Hotel you made your way to the park that was just a couple blocks away, wondering why Justin wanted to go to the city park.
Justin started slowing down, waiting for you to catch up with his pace. When you both were finally walking the same pace he smiled down at you and laughed.
Justin: Sorry... I just wanted to come here.
You nod and look up at the sky, seeing that the sun was going down and the moon was going to pop up soon. The sky was a faint pink mixed with yellows and purples, making the sky look ultra pretty.
Justin: I love when the sky is like that *also looking up at the sky* It's just so pretty... like you.
You look at Justin and blush, not knowing what he was going at. You knew that you did make out with him before you left with Liam but you thought that was just a "mwah!" then a "goodbye!"... That's all you got out of that.
Justin: I didn't want to bring you out here just to listen to why Harry was drunk because honestly... I don't care about that dude. I brought you out here so I could talk about us.
You: Well, can we sit down? My legs kind of hurt right now.
Justin nods and grabs your hand to pull you toward a fountain so you two can sit at the edge of the fountain's stone. Justin sat down and you did the exact same, looking at him with a confused look.
Justin: I have been thinking about that kiss you know...
You: *softly laughs* I'm sorry, I was just kind of crazy that day I guess.
Justin: *grabs your chin softly and smiles at you* It's ok baby...
You: *blushes and slowly pulls away from Justin's grip on your chin* I'm your baby?
Justin: You have always been, ever since I met you *laughs*
You: *starts picking at your nail on your thumb* What are you doing to me Justin?
Justin: *crinkles eyebrows* What do you mean?
You: *shakes head and side grins* I don't know, making me fall in love with you over and over again?
Justin: *shrugs* I don't know *laughs*
You: *looks up at the sky* the only question is, should I be in love with you?


Justin: What do you mean? *looks sad*
You: *starts picking at the stone on the fountain* I mean... I don't know. Can I be honest with you Justin? 
Justin: Of course.
You: *shakes head* I.. I think I'm starting to like someone else.
Justin: *pauses for a few seconds* who..?
You look at Justin, not knowing if you should just say you were joking or if you should just flat out straight tell him your new crush.
You: *starts crying* I can't Justin *hugs him* I'm sorry, I shouldn't have even brought it up.
Justin: *pets your hair* Hey... it's ok, alright? I'll just forget about it.
You: *cries into Justin's chest, making his shirt wet from your tears* I'm sorry Justin... for everything.
Justin: You shouldn't be the one saying sorry... I should. I have been a complete jerk these past couple of months, and you don't deserve that.
You: *pulls away, wiping your tears away* It's ok Justin, we both have been mean to each other. Let's just forget about it ok?
Justin: *brushes your cheek* Ok... can I ask you a question and get a honest answer?
You: *smiles* Sure.
Justin: You know I love you right?
You: *shrugs* yeah *giggles*
Justin: *holds your hand* And you know you mean the world to me, right? I will do anything in this world for you.
You: *nods* Yep.
Justin: I want you to pick one of the two choices... and you have to pick one, ok?
Your heart starts beating fast, not knowing what he was getting at.
You: ... ok.
Justin: *shakes his head and looks down* Alright, would you like to g0 back to California with me.. or stay here with One Direction?
You: Justin, I can't pick, why can't you stay here with me?
Justin: Because.. I got a carreer in California, but that's not all y/n, let me finish.
You: Ok...
Justin: Would you want to be with me, leave them and never see them again or would you rather stay here with them and I will leave you alone for the rest of your life?


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