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Living with One Direction Part 12
Quiz published August 16, 2013 · 2,857 takers
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Hey Guys!! *Waves* Loll, Sorry I Haven't Been Able To Post Part 12, I've Been A Bit Busy, Like Going To California And I Was Doing Way Too Much And Didn't Have Anytime To Work On It, I've Been Their For 3 Weeks And I Was Doing Something Everyday :/ I'm Really Sorry Guys, But It's Up Now, So Smile, And If  Ever Do That Again, I'll Let You Know :) And Like Always If You Haven't Done Parts 1-11 You Might Wanna Do Them Now....

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Everyone goes and gets ready and you just sit on the couch on your phone checking your twitter. Just as you lock your phone you hear people yelling up stairs, and you hear Louis' above all and then you hear something fall to the ground and it was really loud.....
You put your phone down beside you and stand up and go up upstairs to see what's going on.
Louis: " No! It's Mine!!"
You look into Harry's room and see Louis standing up with his Vans snapback in his hand and Harry sitting on the floor looking up to him both not wearing any shirts.
Then they both turn to look at you....
Y/n: "Umm, What's going on here?
Louis: "My hattt"
Harry: "Noo, It's my hat"
Louis: "Nooooo, I just let you borrow it, now I want it back"
Harry: "But who bought it?"
Harry gets up and starts walking up to Louis about to grab the hat from him, but you stand in front of Louis blocking Harry from getting the hat. Harry goes to grip your waist to move you to the side but you push his hands away.
Y/n: "Harry, let Louis keep the hat" Harry groans but backs up
Louis: "Thank you Y/n" he says and walks out


After Louis's leaves it's just you and Harry and your both just standing there awkwardly...
Harry: "Why didn't you take my side?"
Y/n: "Well, I know how Louis is so I just thought he should get it.."
Harry: "Well, I'm the one who bought it"
Y/n: "Harry, It's just a hat, and oh your not gonna wear your fedora today?"
Harry: " Well, I was... but no"
Y/n: "Well, you finish getting ready and I'll be downstairs" you say walking out the door
You go back downstairs to see Zayn sitting right next to your phone and you go sit by him.
Y/n: "Hey Zayn, you ready?
Zayn: "Yep"
You and Zayn talk for a little and soon one by one the rest of the boys come down.


Harry's last to come down and since everyone's down you stand up..

Y/n: "Everyone ready?"

The boys: "Yepp"

Y/n: "So who's driving?"

Niall: "I willll" Everyone looks at Niall

Liam: "Hmmm,Ok"

Everyone gets up and walks out the door to Niall's car, you all get in.

As usual you have to sit on someones lap, so you sit on Liam's. Harry sits in the front and tells Niall where to go, since he knows the "perfect place" After about 10 minutes of driving he pulls up to this little diner and you all get out and go inside and find a table to sit at and you sit in between Liam and Zayn and across from you is Louis. Everyone orders what they want and you order what you want. You all wait until your food comes.

Niall: "Yummm" You look over to Niall and laugh a little


He looks up to you and smiles a little but then looks back down at his food and his smile grows bigger. You look down at your food and then start eatting. Between eatting you all talk a little about what your going to do later. Just as your almost done, you look up to see Louis starring at you.

Y/n: "What?" You say with a little laugh and Zayn looks at you

Louis: "Oh nothing, You almost done love?"

You nod and finish, and then drink the rest of your juice.

You look over to Niall to see him almost done even though he ordered more food then anyone else.

Y/n: "Niall, You're Not Full Yet!?" You laugh a little and so does everyone else.

Niall: "No, not fully" He laughs a little and every one else laughs. The waiter comes and takes your plates and a couple minutes later he comes and brings you the bill and puts it on the table and Harry opens it and puts in his credit card and leaves it showing a little at the top. You all keep talking and then he comes back and places it back on the table and Harry takes his credit card and then everyone gets up and you all leave and get out into Niall's car.


This time you sit on Zayn's lap. Niall drives back home and you all get out and go inside. Everyone goes into the living room and sits down and Louis sits next to you and you pinch him.

Louis: "Oww!" you laugh

Y/n: "Now you know that didn't hurt"

Louis: "Yes it did, how would you know anyway?"

Y/n: "Because I didn't pinch you hard" you look away from him and see everyone looking at you two.

Y/n: "So guys, what we doing today?" you look at everyone

Harry: "Hmm, I don't know"

Y/n: "I was thinking we could go to six flags, but ya know.... you're One Direction"

Louis: "I have a way we could go tomorrow just by our selves" he smiles and so does Harry
Harry: "So do I,  Louis, You thinking what I'm thinking?" Harry looks over at Lou
Louis: "Yea I'm thinking what your thinking" you just look back and forth at them raising your eye brows
Niall: "I know what you guys are thinking, you're gonna-"
Harry: "Shutt upp" He says putting his finger over Niall's mouth


Harry and Louis: "We'll tell you tomorrow"
Y/n: "Ok" you look at Louis who's sitting right beside you.
You all start talking about animals, if they had sex with humans what would the baby's look like. For some reason Louis asked that, and then everyone just start saying what they could look like.
Y/n: "Ok guys, I'm gonna go see my mom, and see how she's doing, I'll see you all later" you stand up
Harry: "How are you getting there?" he looks at you concerned
Y/n: "I was gonna take a cab, why?"
Harry: "Oh well, I could take you if you'd like" he says also standing up
Y/n: "Oh sure, I don't mind"
You both go to the front door and he opens the door for you and then you both go to his car and get in.
Harry: "Ok so,"
Y/n: "You already know where my mom lives"
Harry: "Yeaa, I know, but um the thing about Six Flags tomorrow, I have no idea what Louis' thinking of doing"
Y/n: "Then why'd you say you did"
Harry: "I don't know, I did think he was maybe going to have us wear a disguise, but then I was like no, we all already disagreed on wearing any disguises to go out in public"
Y/n: "Ohh"
You both talk for a little longer until he pulls up in front of your moms house.
Y/n: "You can come in" You say getting out of the car
Harry: "Oh ok" he says getting out
You both walk up to the door and you ring the door bell.


Your mom opens the door
Y/m: "Y/n!!!" she tackles you with a hug
Y/n: "Mom!!" you hug her back
Y/m: "I missed you so much" you laugh
Y/n: "Haha I missed you too, can I come in?"
Y/m: "Of coarse you can come in" you and Harry walk in and he closes the door
Y/m: "Harry, Oh my gosh, I haven't seen you in so longgg" she goes to give him a hug
Harry: "I know, it's been like months" he hugs her back
Y/m: " So what are you here for, Y/n?" you all go sit on the couch
Y/n: " To come see you, and see how you're doing"
Y/m: "Oh well, I'm doing just fine, and you?"
Y/n: "Great actually," you smile
You all talk for a little more and then you decide that it was time to go home.
You say bye to your mom and that you love her and then you leave and go back home.
Harry pulls up in front of the house and you both get out and go in the house and as your walking in you see whip cream smeared across the hallway floor. You keep walking and walk into the kitchen and can not believe what you're seeing.

Sorry it was short, I would have made it longer, but I didn't have time, I hope you still like it though :D Comment what you think, It helps ^.^ 

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