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Quem você seria em Shingeki no Kyojin?
Quiz published August 24, 2013 · 3,533 takers
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Para começar!!!
Se um titã colossal quebrasse a parede que resistiu por mais de 100 anos, o que você faria?

Entra para um treinamento militar, seu objetivo é?
Seu melhor amigo é comido por um titã, ou está morrendo sem chance de sobrevivência, o que você faz? 
O que você acha sobre o mundo lá fora?
Qual a melhor qualidade?
Você gostou do quiz?

Can I trick you? (Thanksgiving edition)

................................................... ................................................... .

To which land would you go on holiday?

Title says it all... hope you like this quiz!

Do you know this disney song?

Well, do you know this song?

Are you a mary sue creepypasta?

For those who make new ocs, i RECOMMEND you take this quiz! If you didnt get the result you wanted, its fine! It just needs work! And this is my first quiz so im still tr...

What type of friend are you?

Do you know how your friends see you? Are you the crazy friend that goes out partying? Or the smart helpful one? TAKE THIS QUIZ! ;)

Just A Traveler. [Pokemon RP]

The Niri Region. Alowna Town. Your home, now you've finally turned fifteen! About to get your first pokemon and everything! Though you are late...

Make your own CreepyPasta!

Read the title ^^^ BTW plz no hate it was just to try something new out >.<

50 Yes Or No!

I Really Wanted To Make One Of These So Here It Is! These Are Random Questions, Just pick 'Yes' if it applies to you or 'No' if not! ignore the percent ri...

Which guild do you belong in? (Fairyta...

The anime Fairy Tail, and which guild you would belong in! :))

What do girls think of you

Read the title and take the quiz!

What do the WindClan cats think of you?

· Books
Yay this is my favorite clan! Find out what Tallstar, Crowfeather, Heathertail, hawkheart, and Onestar think about you. Ohh also Breezepelt and mudclaw are in this!

Does He Like You?

It's all in the title.

Gaga worthy shoes - would you wear them?

Similar to my weird shoes quiz - here's shoes that look good enough to eat! xD [Don't take if you are put off food easily]