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Living With One Direction pt 3
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hey guys sorry I haven't made any quizzes for a while I just have to much to do
again I am SO SORRY
hope you like my quiz


okay next thing is going to go back to the roll play so just a recap incase you forgot:
Harry, Louis, Zayne, Niall, Liam, you, and I are all dare or dare (spin the bottle addition)
Louis landed on you and is about to dare you


your Pov
*right when Louis was about to dare you the doorbell rings*
Lore: I'll get it *runs to the door*
Louis; okay well y/n I dare you to.....


(sorry if you didn't pick this but he says)
Louis: I dare you to kiss your favorite One Direction member, but here is the thing you can't kiss me (sorry if you wanted to kiss Louis but a queotevian told me to have Louis date me so for that to happen you can't be with him sorry :(  )
you: okay * walks to Harry* (because you have a HUGE crush on him and this was perfect because Lore wasn't here and it wouldn't be weird if she was watching and find out)
*start leaning into kiss Harry but he surprised you by kissing you passionately, before you even knew it* *when you two stopped kissing you went back to your spot by Niall and Zayn*


Harry's Pov
Harry's thoughts: omg y/n kissed me. I have wanting to kiss her forever and she kissed me first she takes control, I like that in a girl. what will my sister think when she finds out I kissed her best friend, hopefully she wouldn't kill me. ney she wouldn't find out.

Lore's Pov
*opens door*
me: Oh my gosh
unknown 1: hey sis
unknown 2:  Lore!
me: oh my gosh Marcel. Edward. I haven't seen you in forever *starts crying*
Marcel: Lore don't cry
me: I just missed you guys and I just got reunited with Harry today after two months and it's been two years since I've seen you two
Edward: hmm
me: *hugs them* I am sorry I'm getting cheesy on you guys
Marcel: it's okay Lore. It's true we haven't seen you for two year, so basically since you were just tried  out for the x-factor (I haven't tried out for the x-factor or any other show like that but it's my dream to become a singer so just pretend)
Edward: yeah. can you let go of me now
me: sorry *lets go of them* come in


your Pov

me: hey guys what is taking Lore so long to get the door and come back
the boys: idk *so everyone went to check*
Harry: Marcel? Edward?
Marcel: Harry...... zayne, Louis, liam, and niall
Edward: sup?
Harry: *goes and hugs them*
Lore: *stops crying*
Louis: lore were you crying?
lore: yeah it's just I am so happy to see everyone today and now I get to see my three brothers that I haven't seen in a long time.
Louis: well you know you shouldn't be crying you should be smiling
lore: *laughs*
*harry stops hugging Edward and Marcel*
Harry: so how are you guys I haven't seen you in so long it's  crazy  (sorry if they don't talk like this but you know I haven't meet them so I can imagine what they'd say in this situation)
 Edward: well Marcel and I were just at mums and she said you, Lore, and the rest of all of you where here
Marcel: yeah and plus I just needed to see how your guys tour went


well you guys I am sorry to say this but this is the end of the quiz and the next quiz I will put out on the 2nd of September/ maybe even tomorrow if I get enough people to comment and heart I will release it on the 1st :)
(sorry if you hate people asking about if you'll heart/comment/follow)
(SORRY if you don't like that I put a lot of styles pictures on this but it went with the mood of the quiz)


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