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Doctor Who Trivia (11th Doctor)
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Who plays the 11th doctor?

After regenerating, the Doctor finds himself craving some food ("The Eleventh Hour") after first meeting Emlia Pond.

Which dish satisfies his craving?

When the Doctor encounters the now fully grown Amy/Emlia Pond, what is her profession?

Amy/Amelia is trapped in a room, and a Weeping Angel is approaching her.

How does it approach her?


What does the mysterious 'cracks' that appear throughout the series do?

In "Amy's Choice", the The Dream Lord causes The Doctor, Amy, and Rory to leap between two realities; a freezing TARDIS and a future Leadworth, telling them that one is real and the other is fake. Which of the two realities is real?
The Dream Lord is a manifestation of whose subconscious?
What does the Doctor pull out of the Crack in Time at the end of "Cold Blood"?
Which historical figure is River Song impersonating at the beginning of "The Pandorica Opens"?
 The Doctor is seen dancing to what song at Amy and Rory's wedding reception?

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