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Your Dramatic Sleepover with One Direction (Part One)
Quiz published September 8, 2013 · updated September 10, 2013 · 44,504 takers
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Okay, this is my first quiz so please go easy on me. Please and Thank You.
Now, let's start a little roleplay...

*Hey, you there. I see you over there. Why don't you come here?* comes from your phone. It was Louis' ringtone, "Hey You There" by Souja Boy.
Y/N: Hello?
?: Hey beautiful. *A deeper voice answers the phone*
Y/N: Harry?
Harry: Yes, we were wondering if you wanted to come over and maybe have a sleepover? Only if you want, you don't have to. *shyly*
Y/N: Of course! I would love to have a sleepover with you. Be there in about twenty minutes? 
Harry: Sounds good! *Hangs up*
Yes! You were about to hang out with the boys. Now, you pack your bags, because sleepovers at their house tend to last longer than normal. You hop into the shower and put on makeup and do your hair. Now into your closet for the hard part. What do you wear?


After you finish getting ready, you grab your keys and get into your car with your bags. 
*skipping the car ride, you didn't do anything fun*
As you lock your car and pick up your bags, you feel something warm on your skin. Startled, you look up to see Harry, smirking down at you. 
Harry: Hey, beautiful. May I help you with your things?
Y/N: It's fine, I got it. 
Harry ignored you and picked up both your bags. You rolled your eyes and followed him inside. Harry pushed past the boys as they eagerly wait for you to walk in. You feel a ton of weight on you from all sides as you enter.
Y/N: Hey....Guys....I....Can't....Breathe... *choking*
Louis: Sorry about that. 
Niall: We're just so happy to see you.
Zayn: Oh please! You're just happy that she's probably going to make you breakfast while she's here. *Zayne mocks*
Liam: She is a good cook *Liam chimes in*
Harry: Will you let her in the door? I need to ask her a couple of questions.
The boys let you through and you're face to face with Harry. 
Y/N: Yes?
Harry: Where are you sleeping tonight? Or should I say, who are you sleeping with tonight?
The boys look at you hopefully.

So? Who do you want to cuddle up to tonight?


Y/N: May I think about it and I'll tell you before we go to bed tonight?
Harry: Of course
Harry rubbed the side of the your upper arm before going into the kitchen to get a glass of water. Next thing you know, Louis is running around the house with a sheet tied as a cape. 
Louis: GAME TIME!!!!
The guys all gather into the living room and you follow.
Liam: So, what shall we play?
Harry: Spin the bottle?
Louis: Twister!
Niall: Truth or Dare!
Zayn: I'm good with whatever.
Liam: I think we should let Y/N pick what we play.
They all look at you hoping that you'll pick one of the boys' games. Your palms started to sweat as you were under just blurted out the first thing that came into mind... 


Y/N: 7 minutes in heaven?
You blurted out with your eyes shut. They all agreed and you all sat in a circle.
Y/N: Harry, may I please have your hat?
Harry: Yeah sure, why?
Y/N: Because I wanted to wear it. *giggle* Hey do you guys have a bottle?
Louis: why?
Y/N: To spin the bottle? do you not know how play? You spin a bottle and whoever it lands on you go into the bedroom with that person.
Zayn: I thought it was a closet? not a bedroom.
Y/N: Um, your closets aren't very big. Barely one person can fit in there. 
Liam: She does have a point. 
Louis: Alright then. Since you know so much about this game, then why don't you spin first?
Louis pushed the bottle towards you. You grinned and spun it...who did it land on?


Comment for a part two, and follow me please? 
Sorry it was kind of short but you have really long results. 
P.S. Your dialogue is color coded. You are in this red. Your boy is in this blue. And any other boy is in this green

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