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The Riddle Quiz Part 1 of 5
Knowledge Quiz published September 22, 2013 · updated September 22, 2013 · 348 takers
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It can't be touched,
But it can be felt.
It can't be opened, but it can be gone into.
Those who seek it always find it under something,yet it moves from place to place
From that which comes within itself,
it builds a table on my shelf

Everyone has it.
Those who have it least don't know they have it.
Those who have it most
wish they had less of it,
but not to little or none at all.
Has a blade of jagged cut.
Keeps quickest hand outshut.
Goes in darkness. Wears a ring.
One is quiet. Many sing.
Nothing specific, but more than a few.
This many clustered will do.
It's not a bird, though feathered, and it has a mobile nest.
It's quick in flight and, having flown, it always stops to rest.
What can split itself before splitting someone else?
Slayer of regrets, old and new, sought by many, found by few.
It never goes airborne, yet, still, it may land.
 A door, a body, and a knot can be this.

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