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What do guys REALLY like about you -
Quiz published September 27, 2013 · 2,323 takers
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If you could describe yourself in THREE words, then what would they be ^-^ ( please no lying, because either way i know your an amazing person ^.^)
     lets say your crush walks up to you and says, " Hey_______" and he winks at you, what would you say back to him? ( lol this question would make me freak out if my crush actually said that to me ^-^) 
If someone would just randomly follow you and hide in a tree, what would they catch you doing?( and then after that, they fall off the tree >:D)
okay, please don't jump me but what's your favorite color ( hides behind surprised Patrick)
If you had to join a club at school which one would it be?
Last question!! Finally!!! If you had to describe life, how would you describe it? ( please read all of them, they are very different)

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