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Naruto Love very first one! (girls only)
Story published March 26, 2009 · 22 pages · 12,653 readers · 31,762 reads
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You have lived in the leaf village your entire life.  Your parents own the Ramen shop in town.  When you were little you weren’t allowed near the shop because you parents were afraid that you would get injured.  Your best friend in the whole village was Tenten.  You were like sisters with her.  You two grew up together.  When your parents were at work you stayed with TenTen at her house.  Your parents didn’t give you the option of joining the academy when you were younger.  You were supposed to take over the family business when you were old enough.
When you were old enough you were allowed to begin working in the shop.  You are the adventurous type so you were always trying to come up with new recipes for your ramen.  There had always been just one person that was brave enough to try your experiments, Naruto Uzumake.  He would eat it no matter how bad it tasted.  “Never give up.” he would always say before he took his first bite.  Which would always make you laugh.  Your parents always worried that you would end up poisoning the poor boy.

The story:

You were walking towards the shop with Tenten one morning.  You were dreading another long day standing over those hot pots of ramen.  “What are you doing after work today?”  Tenten asked.  “Well first thing I’m going to do is go home and take a shower.” with that you both laughed.  You turned the corner and continued walking when in the distance you saw Sakura, Naruto, and Sasuke standing in the distance.  “Great Sasgay the cult leader.” you joked with Tenten.  She turned to you and looked at you confused.  “I got that name from Naruto.” you laughed.  You got close enough that you could finally hear Sakura’s voice.  She was screaming as usual.  And as usual she was screaming at Naruto.
“Why don’t you grow up.  Sasuke is twice the man you are Naruto!  He could beat you to a bloody pulp and you know it.  You are never going to be Hokage!  You can’t even do a simple mission without screwing everything up.” she continued shouting.  You could feel the anger rising inside you as you listened to her harsh words.  “I would rather die than ever go out with a loser like you.” she continued.  Before you knew what you were doing you were racing towards Sakura with clenched fists.
“How can you be so nasty you stupid Sasuke lover!” you screamed as your fist came around and connected with the side of her face.  Before you could get another swing Sasuke and Naruto both had a death grip on you.  “You are the one that is never going to amount to anything.  Your too weak to be anything besides a stupid little house wife.  Your going to grow up to stay barefoot and pregnant with Rock Lee’s children.” you shouted.  You knew that saying that would infuriate her.  It worked well.  She got up and tried to hit you but her fist was stopped as Tenten too punched her in the side of the face.  She finally ran off crying.
You were finally let loose as you heard Naruto snickering by your side.  You didn’t even turn to look his way.  Sasuke walked around in front of you and looked down at you.  “Sasuke lover?” he looked at you questioningly.  “Yeah that’s what I said.  You are nothing special.  Just because you’re an Uchiha doesn’t mean that you are going to be anything more than her.” you shouted still mad.  This sent Naruto into hysterics.  “Huh.” was all that you heard from Sasuke as you turned and continued walking towards the shop.  “What was that about?” Tenten asked as she caught up with you.  “I don’t know I just snapped.  Naruto is a great person and she is just…just…well I cant think of a word bad enough for people like her.” you said as you reached the entrance to the shop.  “See you after work _______.”
You walked into the shop and put on your apron to begin another normal day.  “You’re late.” your father pointed out.  “Yeah sorry father.” you told him as you began to get things together for yet another experiment.    You got everything started boiling.  You heard the bell ring signaling a customer.  You looked up to see Naruto walking through the door with the same big goofy grin that you have grown to love plastered on his face.  “Hey there ______” he said as he waved and walked your direction.  He sat down on the stool across the counter from where you were working.  “Hey Naruto.” you told him still working.  “Have you got a new one for me today chef?” he said with a smirk on his face.  “Give me about ten more minutes and I’ll have it ready for you to try okay.” you told him.  “But I’m starving.” he jokingly complained.  You rolled your eyes and went to get the final ingredient that you needed from the back.
As you reached down to pick up the last of what you needed you heard Naruto talking from the other room.  “You should have seen her fight.” you heard him telling your parents.  You panicked.  You would be in so much trouble with your parents for fighting.  “Shut up Naruto.” you kept screaming in your head as you dashed back out into the front room.  When you turned the corner both your parents were looking at you.  “If looks could kill I would be dead.” was all you could think.  “You are to go straight home after work young lady.  You are grounded.” your father told you.
You looked towards Naruto who had a look of shock on his face.  He brought his gaze to you and then hung his head.  In that instance you knew you couldn’t be mad at him.  You could see it on his face that he was sorry.  He hadn’t meant to get you in trouble.  You watched as he got up from the stool and went to one of the tables on the other side of the room. 
You finished the new ramen and scooped some out into a bowl.  You sat it on the counter and hopped over it.  “We will be back in a little while _______.  We have to run some errands around town.” your mother told you as your parents walked out of the shop.  You nodded and grabbed the bowl of ramen.  You walked over to where Naruto was staring out the window with his head in hand and his elbow propped on the table.  “Naruto.” you said to get his attention.  “I’m so sorry ______.” he told you as he jumped up and pulled you into a hug.  You couldn’t help but smile.  “It’s fine Naruto.  I know you didn’t mean to get me in trouble.” you told him embracing him as well.  “Your not mad at me?” he asked now looking you in the eyes.  You had never noticed how beautiful his blue eyes were.  After a couple seconds you finally snapped back into reality.  The bowl of ramen in your hands was still hot.
You sat the bowl down on the table for him.  “Here ya go.  On the house.” you told him as he sat down and grabbed his chopsticks.  He took a nice big bite as you sat down across from him and watched him carefully.  He chewed for a couple of seconds and then looked at you with a smile.  “This is the best ramen ever…BELIEVE IT!” he shouted.  You couldn’t help but laugh.
You sat there laughing until you saw a strange look cross his face.  “Naruto are you okay?” you asked.  You got the answer to your question as he grabbed his throat and fell to the floor.  “Naruto!” you screamed as you scrambled out of your chair and to the floor next to him.  “Oh no, I really did poison him.” you thought to yourself as you lowered your ear to his mouth to see if he was still breathing.  You could hear air flowing through so you slowly turned your head to look at him.  Your nose was touching his as you saw a small smile playing on the corner of his lips.  You were about to start yelling at him yourself but your mouth was suddenly occupied. 
He placed his hand on the back of your head and pulled you down for the best kiss you had ever had in your entire life.  When you finally came up for air you sat there looking at him with a shocked expression on your face.  “Was it that bad?” he asked you with a puppy dog look on his face.  He got his answer with another kiss.  You could feel him smiling in the kiss.

The Future:

After that day you were officially boyfriend and girlfriend.  Your parents finally ungrounded you after a month and you went out with Naruto almost every night.  You got married a year later right after the birth of your first child.  Your parents didn’t approve of you being pregnant before you were married but there wasn’t much they could do.  You had three children all together.  Two boys and your little girl.  You can name them whatever you like.  You were so proud of him when he became Hokage.  You enjoyed rubbing that in Sakura Lee’s face lol!  You stayed together until he fell in battle protecting the village.  You died not long after. 

Comment if you want to.  I would really like to know whether you liked it or not!!  Or you can add me my URL is just put quiz in the message so I will know to add you!!