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Fantasy Emo Love Stories [[Really really long results]]
Story published April 24, 2009 · 13 pages · 97,600 readers · 172,268 reads
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"Hurry we are gonna be late!" shouts your best friend Kristy.  You glance at the hallway clock.  One minute to be in class.  You speed up a little bit.  You start thinking Almost there, Almost.  The two of you turn around the corner right outside of your class.  You bump into someone and you trip and fall spilling your books across the hallway. Great now you really are going to be late.  You hurridly start gathering your items.  You are reaching for the last book when someone picks it up for you.  You stand up and accept the book.

"Thank you," you are arrangeing your books in your arms not bothering glanceing up to see who it is.
"You are very welcome."  You pause.  That voice sounds so... familiar.  You look up at the guy that was helping you.  You stare at him.  An overwhelming sense of Deja Vu washes over you.  You continue staring at the guy.  You are sure beyond a doubt that you have never seen him anywhere your whole life, but something about him reminds you of something.
The Bell Rings
"Do I know you?" you ask him.
He smiles mysteriously at you, "That is for you to determine _____."  He takes you're hand a kisses it and starts walking down the hallway.
"Wait!  Why did you call me _____?  My name is Sirena."
"As you wish Sirena."  He turns to look at you and winks then continues on his way.  You turn towards your classroom and enter a few minutes late.  The teacher scolds you for being tardy and you take your seat.  You spend the whole class thinking about the hot guy you ran into in the hallway.

The bell rings signaling the end of class and Kristy rushes over to you.
"What happened?  You were right behind me and I was on time.  And did you see Mr. tall, dark, and mysterious in the hallway he was totally gorgeous."
"Uh yea I saw him.  I actually ran into him and spillt my stuff across the hallway.  Sometimes you are so dense, you didn't even notice that I fell did you?"
"Anyways listen to this..."  You told her about what happened in the hallway and how he had called you Sirena.

"Sirena... well that is an unusual but pretty name.  Why do you always get the hot guys even before I can claim dibs on them?"  The two of you continue dicussing hot guys while standing in the lunch line.  You finally get your lunches and go and sit at your usual lunch spot.  Kristy is chattering away and you are zoneing out.  After a minute you realize that Kristy is not talking anymore but stareing wide eyed at something behind you.  You spin around and see the new guy standing behind you.

"Hello Sirena, would you mind if I sat with the two of you?"
"Be my guest,"  you manage to say.
"I must apologize I never introduced myself.  I am Dakota."
"Wow.  Dakota," sighs Kristy.
"I never apologized for bumping into you in the hallway.  So sorry about that."
Dakota gives you a crooked grin looking deep into your eyes, "Don't worry about it."
Kristy looks at you then him then back again.  "Oh gosh you two you act like you have known eachother since the beginning of time.  Could you save the mushy gushy stuff for when I am not here the two of you are going to make me vomit."
You break eye contact with Dakota.  You look at Kristy utterly confused.  For some strange reason you feel like you really have known him since the beginning of time.  You seem to know certain things about him already,  things that you know beyond a shadow of a doubt are true.

Dakota turns to Kristy and smiles at her, "Sorry about that, and what would you're name be?"
Kristy sits there with her mouth wide open as he looks at her.  You roll your eyes and answer for her.  "That is Kristy my best friend in the whole world."
"Hmmm. Interesting."  You give Dakota a puzzled look, he grins at you.  "Don't worry it will all come back to you by your next birthday."  With that Dakota picks up his tray of uneaten food and walks away.
"He is soooo dreamy.  I made such a fool of myself though!  He probably thinks that I am a freak-of-nature," rants Kristy.
"I don't think so Kristy, there is something different about that boy something wonderful."  You daze off into space.
"What do you think he meant by you will know by your birthday?  Does he know that you're birthday is next friday?"
"Yes... he does...."  you know that he will be there at you're birthday party even though you didn't invite him or tell him when your birthday is.

You're Birthday

"Happy Birthday to you!!!!!!!!!!"  loud applause and wolf-whistles ended the song and you blew out the candles and started handing out cake.  Everyone was having a blast at your party.  There was a DJ, danceing, and booze.
"It's the birthday girl!  So does the whole world make sense now?  Where is you're boy toy anyways?"
"He is not here Kristy.  How much have you been drinking?"
"Not enough!"  Kristy starts laughing, "but seriously I came over here to beg you to play 7 minutes in heaven... well technically it is more of an hour in the bedroom but that doesn't sound like a real game."
You take the bottle from Kristy and take a huge swig, "Ok now I can play."

You follow Kristy over to you're basement.  Someone taps you on you're shoulder and you turn around to see Dakota standing there.  He offers you a single rose.  You blush and take the rose.
"Do you mind if I join the two of you?"
"Sure," squeaks Kirsty.
"We are playing a hour in heaven.." you trail off.
"Girls or Guys choice?" you turn to Kristy.
"Girls choice," she manages.  The three of you enter your basement and you and Kristy take a seat while Dakota writes down a number and puts it in the hat.  Dakota comes over and sits next to you.
"Birthday girl, Birthday girl..." the others begin chanting.  So you blush as you go up to pick a number from the hat.  You put your hand in and you pick up a piece of paper.  Something deep in your mind tells you to put it back and choose the one next to it.  You follow your gut and choose the one next to it.  Before you even open it you know that it is Dakota.

You open the piece of paper, "1?" and sure enough it is Dakota.  He smiles at you and takes your hand leading you to the room.  He guides you in turns around and locks the door.  "So what is supposed to make sense today?"  He turns around and faces you.  The two of you stare deep into eachother's eyes.  He crosses the room to where you are standing and kisses you gently on the lips.  A sudden rush of images come back to you.  You remember kissing him in various different time periods.  Past lives.  "Mi-Michi?" you stutter.
"_____, my love, I have waited for this moment, for the moment you remember."  You smile at him, you remember all of the time that the two of you have spent together.  You wrap your arms around his neck and stare into his eyes.
"I love you Michi,"  you kiss him gently.  Michi groans, and wraps his arms around you waist pulling you closer.  He traces your lower lip with his tongue.  You deepen the kiss and start useing tongue.  He picks you up by your ass, wraping you legs around his waist, never breaking the kiss.  He walks over to the bed and lays you down on it leaning over you.

"_____, I love you with all my heart, I always have, and always will.  Will you grow old with me?"
"Michi, no one can ever change the way I feel about  you, you know this as well as I do.  I will spend the rest of time with you by my side."  He smiles and kisses you again with even more passion than the last kiss.  You knock off his hat and tangle your hand in his hair.  Michi slides his hand down your leg to your thigh.  You untangle your hand and slide it under his shirt.  Michi groans, and stops kissing you.  "Babe?  Did I do something wrong?"
"No no love.  We have to keep up pretenses.  No one can know that we leapfrog through time."  He kisses you lightly, "we have to make it appear as though we haven't known eachother since the beginning."  He leans down and bite your ear,  you giggle. He whispers in your ear, "I will come back after the party love, untill then we have to 'take it slow',"  you stick out your lower lip and pout.

The party goes on without a hitch, no one suspects a thing.  Everyone knows that you are not the type of girl to have sex with a virtual stranger so they know that the two of you simply made-out.  You tell your parents goodnight and go to your room.  When you get in, Michi, is already sitting on your bed.  You walk over and stradle him.  You push him back onto your bed and you lean over him.  He raises one of his hands and caresses your cheek.  He then rolls over so that he is leaning over you.  He leans down and kisses you.  You slide your hands under his shirt.  Without hesitation he yanks off his shirt then goes back to kissing you slideing his hands up your shirt unsnaping your bra.  You unbutton his jeans and pull at the zipper.

Let your imagination do the rest.  I don't know what type of crazy, wild, kinky sex that my readers would have with a guy that they have known since the beginning of time.  Different people like different things.  Hope you enjoyed!!!!