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Fuyu Shizukana
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Fuyu Shizukana

Name meaning: Silent winter
Age: 18
Village: Otokagure (Hidden village of the sound)
Fighting style: Genjutsu (You use melodies to make them hallucinate, and then you kill them)
Personnality: Silent, calm, strong minded, can be brave when she wants
BFFs: Shikamaru, Gaara, Sasori, Hikari (other result), Ryuu (Me^-^)
BF: Itachi Uchiha
Enemies: People who mocks you
One thing about you: Because you were, when you were young, a prisoner of Orochimaru Hideout, you were always scared and sad.  You then started to sing because it was making you feel safe.
Theme song:


 What they think of you:

Naruto: When I see her in Konoha she's always with Shikamaru-tebbayo...
Sakura: Sasuke hates her, I hate her... (Seriously?!)
Sai: Is singing art? (Me: I think...) *restart to paint* (Me: That's all?!)
Kakashi: Her genjutsu is almost as poweful as Itachi *restart to read*

Kiba: I already fell in her genjutsu, it almost killed me o.O...
Akamaru: *scared* Woof woof...
Hinata: W-well she's very powerful...
Shino: She's scared of insects! I hate her! (Me: Don't listen to weird people...)
WHAT DID YOU SAY ABOUT ME!? (Me: Nothing ._.)
Kurenai: When I fell into her genjutsu I saw Asuma. I really thought it was him. o.o

Shikamaru: I really like to hear her melodies.  It makes me feel peaceful...
Choji: She never gave me a bag of chips TT^TT
Ino: Same thing as Sakura... (Me: Dudes, seriously be more kind to her...)
Asuma: Didn't had time to see you :(

Neji: I can see a dark destiny...
Tenten: I heard her singing. She has a so sweet voice!
Gai: YOU'RE RIGHT LEE! NO YOUTH! *Does 500 laps around the village*
(Me: M'kay...)

Tsunade: A very powerful girl with a very powerful genjutsu. Too bad she's in the Akatsuki...
Jiraiya: MUST- (Me: NO! *Kicks him when the sun doesn't shine) *screaming while being thrown* RESEARCH!!

Gaara: I love to hear her singing. Plus, she's so pretty! (Me: Somebody has a cruuuuush!!!)
*death glare* (Me: o.o, ok I said nothing!)
Temari: Gaara seems to like her.  I would like to fight her.

Pein: Another Itachi in the organisation ._.
Konan: She acts so calm but her voice is so great! I wonder why Pein-sama doesn't like her...
Deidara: I don't like her art, ART IS AN EXPLOSION, UN! *blows up the hideout* (Me: *facepalm*)
Sasori: She could make a great puppet, but Itachi would never let me do that.
Itachi: I really love Fuyu, I love when she sings to me and her genjutsu is so powerful.
(Me: Aww, how cute! >w<) SHUT UP!
Kisame: Hehe... Itachi loves somebody xD (Itachi: *death glare* problem with that?) N-No, sorry O.O"
Tobi: Tobi's a good boy! Fuyu's a good girl! (And a very powerful person)
Hidan: DAT F*CKING B*TCH I HATE HER *%&%%?& %$/%* "!/%/?$ (Me: And why?) %&*6?*? (Me: ._.)
Kakuzu: She could sell some CD's and then make money for me $_$ (Me: No comment...)
Zetsu: She looks spicy. No, sweety No! Spicy!
*starts to argue with himstelf*

Orochimaru Hideout
Orochimaru: Kabuto you know what to do...
Kabuto: Yes, my lord...
Sasuke: She loves Itachi. I HATE HER (Me: Just because of that?!)
Suigetsu: Sasuke hates her, so I like her XD
Karin: Sasuke hates her, so I hate her (Me: We already heard it from Sakura and Ino -_-)
Juugo: Hmm, let's pass him. Okay? ^-^''

Other results
Hikari Kurai: A very good person with a great voice...
Tenshi Nohane: I like her voice. *-*
Niji Karafuruna: Very nice voice! bBut why is she so silent? D: Oh, and i like elephants ^^
(Me: ^^' No comment)
Hana Yoruno: She sings so well.  I would like to own her voice...
Mori Fushigina: Great voice.  The birds seems to like her.
Okami Shiruba: The wolves always respond to her songs.
Ryuu (Me): You're my best friend and you rock ;D


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