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Seven minutes in heaven INVADER ZIM style! (Girls only, plea
Story published March 30, 2009 · 2 pages · 2,762 readers · 8,074 reads
Zim (Alien)
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Zim (Alien)

You pull out a gun and know it belongs to Zim. Insted of taking you to the closet, however, he leads you outside. There, his ship was parked. He motioned gir to come along and helps you in the ship. He starts to fly out of the atmosphere. "You dont known this but, youre Irken," he tells you. Youre surprised "Irken? How?" He tells you this story that long ago, the Dib monkey's relatives took you away to earth, erased your memory, and raised you as a human. He also said that there was only one way to remember your Irken life was to kill Dib. "Kill Dib? But..." you never got to finish, Zim interuppted you. "But what?"  You stay quiet, not wanting to reveil your well gaurded secret. Soon, you get to Irk. You are intreiged by everything around you. Zim gets out and grabs a whole bunch of weapons. You go back to earth and kill Dib and the other humans, except Gaz.  You remember everything you once were with a devious smile. 

-----------------Random day in Irk------------------------

Youre name gets called for the great assinging and you go to Venus to investagate. You had forgotten your life on earth by then, but when you go past six months after you where assinged to go to venus, you stop and go to the place you killed Dib. You remember everything, and almost cry. You leave, unable to bare the painful memories. You anihalate Venus in one day with a ray gun on your advanced ship, and go home. You find Zim dead, killed by Gaz. She looks at you and says, 'Isn't it a pity? Isn't it a shame?" and dissapears.