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Truth Or Dare! (Creepypasta)
Quiz published October 13, 2013 · 5,402 takers
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Hey guys, it's me again! I know, I come back over and over again with the same into, but whatever.  Anyway, we are going to RP from herein so...get ready!

So, here's the rp!

You knock on the Slender Mansion door, looking up at Slenderman. 

Slenderman: Hello child. What can I do for you, miss?


What I look likeonce I'm in the house...Without chains ------>

Whatever you chose, you are now awake and alive in the Slender Mansion. You see BEN on cleverbot, creeping people out. You see Jeff stabbing someone, and You see Smile on the couch,and you see Masky and Hoodie watching BEN.


(If you fainted, I somehow woke you up)

Jeff: Let's play Truth or Dare...It's kinda boring.
Me: Sure...Just don't do anything freaky.
BEN: Keep an eye out for Jeff then...
Jeff: Heh...

We all sit in a circle, and we stare at each other.

Me: Truth or dare, Slenderman.
Slenderman: Truth
Me: Erm...Do you really have a face?
Slenderman: What does it look like to you?

Jeff: Truth or dare, (Y/N)?


Me: Alright...My turn.


Jeff: Truth or dare, (y/n?)

I know it's short. I'm kinda sleepy, and don't feel like making another question...

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