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What Do You Say?
Quiz published October 15, 2013 · 218 takers
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Hello! This is to see how you speak and if you say words like me. Let's start, m'kay?
Alright, what do you call these? Just as a side note, the way I say them is the first answer. Just in case you cared. ^_^
Next up, what do you call this?
Great! How about this?
What do you call this?
How do you pronounce "caramel"?
How 'bout this.
What about this? And no, it's not a gum ridden disease spreader. Sorry.
How about this?
 What do you call this? A ____ of groceries.
 What about this basket thingy?
 What about these sexy things?
 Last one. What's this feminine object's name?
 I'm so happy you could be with me and waste your time. ^_^ Good bye young sir or madam. Have a nice life.

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