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What the Hetalia Characters Think of you!
Quiz published 11 months ago · updated 9 months ago · 1,795 takers
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Me: Hello!!! And goodbye, JAPAN!!! You will be hosting 
Japan: Me? But-
America: I'LL ASK THE FIRST QUESTION!!! Do you think of me as a hero?
Japan: How did you get in here?


Japan: Okay, ret me ask one. D-
England: Hello old chaps! What are you doing?
America: Asking this chick questions!
England: Well it's nice to met you*smiles at you*. Let me ask you a question. Would you like one of my scones?


Japan: Okay. Ret me ask one. D-
Italy: HELLO!!!
Japan: *sigh* Where are arr of you coming from?
Germany: Uh..the door is opened.
Italy: Let me ask one!! Do you like pasta?


Japan: *sigh* Germany, would you rike to ask them something?
Germany: Sure. Do want to get some beer?


Japan: *sigh* Okay, my turn. D-
France: Ohohohoho!! Who is the pretty young lady? 
Japan: I give up! *walks out*
France: Ohohoh. Let me ask you a question! Will you come over to my house and-
China: *Hits France in the head* Shut up! I will ask question! What is your favorite animal?


Russia: Hello! I ask question now! Become one with Mother Russia, da?


Me: I'm back! So Japan how did  it-!
*Everyone's fighting*
Canada: I'm not fighting.
Me: Okay Canada, you can ask a question.
Canada: Okay! Do you know who I am?


Japan: *Walks in* I never got to ask a question.
Me: Okay! Ask one right know!
Japan: Do you rike anime?


*Everyone stops fighting*
Me: Say goodbye to our friend.
Everyone: Bye! *Continues fighting*


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