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Creepypasta Truth or Dare!
Quiz published October 22, 2013 · updated 8 months ago · 5,425 takers
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Hello! I'm Bunny(NOT A PASTA). Welcome to the quiz!
Ready for some Roleplay?

You were in your house late one night feeling as if you need to go somewhere...Then it hits you. Your best friend Bunny invited you to a party! You were always a little forgetful. You ran outside your house and read the directions...They said to go into the woods? You followed them and ended up lost.You heard a noise. "He...Hello?" You said shivering. "Hey (Y/N) we have been waiting for AGES!! Come on you must be freezing!" It was Bunny. "Thank goodness your here...I was lost." "No kidding? You were WAY far from the mansion..." There was a long pause. "Mansion?" You said amazed. "You own a MANSION?" "No not me! A friend of mine...he said I could invite someone for the reunion so, I invited you." Bunny tugged on your jacket sleeve. "This way."
You both reached a huge dark mansion covered in vines. To you it looked kinda creepy but Bunny made it feel normal. "We're here!" She let go of your sleeve. "Do you wanna ring the bell?" She asked in a whisper.
There is a long pause before the door moves. You start to think no one is home. "Bunny..?" "Just be patient...There here." She said again in that whisper. After what seemed like FORVER someone opened the door...he wore a mask. "Hey Bunny! You made it! And you brought (Y/N) just like you said you would.Its great to finally meet you, I've heard a ton about you."
As you walk in you can hear classical music playing. You were not much of a fan of classical music but you didn't mind. "So, (Y/N)...Your friends with Bunny?" The masked guy asked you. "Uh...Yeah we've known each other for a couple years now." You looked at him funny. "Oh! My bad I forgot to introduce myself! I'm Masky!" 
You and Masky shake hands but then you realize Bunny is gone. "Bunny?" You looked around but couldn't seem to find her. "Oh, she's over by the food...Make sure she doesn't eat all the cheesecake." He chuckled. As you walked forward the food table you finally found Bunny, with her face stuffed with cheesecake. "There you are! I got so nervous!" She swallowed. "I thought you were talking to Masky..." She looked at him from the table. "Well...I'm scared without you." You looked at Bunny. "Scared? Don't be! The Pastas won't hurt you when I'm here." Pastas...Creepypastas! Bunny invited you to a creepypasta cosplay party! "What do you mean they won't hurt me? These ARE costumes...Right?" Bunny looked at you, then the floor. "There not costumes...There actually the real creepypastas..."
You looked at her in shock. You were always a big fan of creepypastas but never thought they were actually REAL! Anyway you just decided to roll with it. A couple of hours past and you knew EVERYBODY! But the party started to die down a little then out of the blue Ben said "Let's play Truth or Dare!" Slendy looked at him. "Benson, This is a  reunion...not a 8 year olds birthday party. We should all enjoy the party like mature young men and women." Everyone stared at him. Jeff walked up to Slendy and playfully punched his leg. "Common Slendy! A little fun won't ruin the party! In fact it might make it better! Am I right everybody?"

Since everyone agreed with Jeff Slendy had no choice but to play...Truth or Dare! "Ok everyone! Sit in a neat circle!" Slendy said. You looked at him. "Aren't you playing?" You asked him with puppy dog eyes. "No child. I'll watch you all play." You turned around to see everyone looking at you.
Jeff: You wanna go first?
You: Uhh...
Jane: You scared her with your face Jeffy!! >:3
Jeff: Oh wow...That's soo old. Just admit I'm more beautiful than you. That's why your jealous.
Jane: Shuddup Jeff no one loves you.
Jeff: Fangirls do...
Jane: I thought you hated fan-
Jeff and Jane: Fine. 
Masky: So..(Y/N) I guess it's your turn.


You looked around...
You: Laughing Jack, Truth or Dare?
L.J.: hehehe...Truth!
You: Is it true you gave James that Candy?
L.J.:Hehehehee...I did :3

(Lawl inside Joke for Skyler :D)


Bunny: L.J. It's your turn.
L.J.: Ok...Masky, Truth or Dare?
Maksy: hmmmm...Truth.
L.J.: Is it true you have a crush on someone in this room?
Masky: I...I can't answer that...*blushes*
L.J.: You have to answer, it's the rule!
Bunny: Actually you get 3 he just used one.
L.J.: Oh yeahhhh...I forgot THAT rule.
Masky: PHEW!!!
L.J.:Ok now it's your turn.
Masky: hmmmm...(Y/N) Truth or Dare?


You pick dare.
Masky: I dare you to...Hug Jeff.
Jeff: WHAT?
Bunny: you could use your chickens...but I recommend using them wisely. this dare is not so bad (Y/N)...Man Up!
You scoot over to Jeff gingerly and hold our your hands. He quickly puts his arms around yours and pulls them back.
Masky: Weakkkk!!!!!
Jeff: Yeah? Well let's see you hug someone. I dare you to...Hug your crush!!! >:D
Masky: I USE A CHICKEN!!!!
You: So, who's turn is it?
Bunny: Yours.
You: Ben, Truth or Dare?
Ben: DARE!!!!! :D
You: I dare you to eat that whole pizza.
30 minutes pass and Ben ate the whole pizza.


Hey!!! Thanks for reaching the end!!! Don't worry Part 2 is coining out REAL SOON SO PLEASE DON'T LEAVE ME!!!!!IF YOU TAKE THIS ONE PLEASE TAKE PART 2!!!!! It's going to be...The bomb. Trust me. Leave wonderful comments or questions below and don't forget to subscribe and favorite!!! The reason I'm making a part 2 is because this quiz is...extremely long.



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