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The Ultimate Greek Mythology Quiz ~HARD~
Knowledge Quiz published 10 months ago · updated 10 months ago · 224 takers
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Hello! Okay, let's start out easy.

How many Olympians are there? 
Who was Chaos? 
Who were the 3 Moirai? (Fates)
Which of the following are correct.
True or False

Gaia only had children with Uranus.

What were Hercules 12 labors? (This may be a little difficult to some of you, so I'm just gonna list 3 and you can pick the 3 that are correct. You're welcome :3 ) 


After Ariadne was abandoned by Theseus, who did she fall in love with next ?


Who could see the future but no one would ever believe her? (Cursed by Apollo) 


Which of the following is not a demigod in Greek Mythology? 

 Who was the Minotaur's mother? 
What is the island that Leto had her twins? 
 Where was Artemis's bow made? 
 Which two Goddesses fell in love with Adonis and had to share him? 
 Who was Theseus's second wife? 
Who was Odysseus's wife? And what was the name of the nymph whose love he rejected? 

 Who did Scylla, princess of Megara fall in love with? (Only to be rejected later) 

Hint: The person she was in love with was the enemy of Scylla's father, King Nisus. 
 Which island was Odysseus from? 
 Who was Bellerophon's grandfather? 
 Procruste, was killed in his own bed by?

 Fill in the blanks 

____ was the only _____ consumed part of Pelops when his father, ____  to test the Gods. 
 So.. What do you think of the quiz? :) 

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