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Emo Baby Daddy!
Story published April 11, 2009 · 6 pages · 6,974 readers · 21,518 reads
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"Check Again!" Your best friend said 
"No...I don't think a pregnancy test could give a false positive 6 times" You sigh "I'm pregnant" 
"Are you sure?" Your best friend asks again 
"As positive as the test" You said 
"Are you gonna tell Rob?" She askes 
"...I don't know" You sigh 
You think back to when all this happened. You remember it was you bestfriends brilliant idea to go to this party to try to cheer you up since your last boyfriend dumped you. The party was at a bar, so basically almost everyone, except the band playing, was drunk. Your bestfriend leaves you alone for a minute and you just start watching the band, and mostly watching the lead singer since he was the one looking back at you. Once your friend gets back,she finds you locking eyes with the singer. 
"Watching the singer are we?" She askes you 
" have to,he IS the lead singer" You say and blush 
"...Come on, I know Rob, he's my brothers best friend, your gonna meet him" Your bestfriend smiles 
"I don't know if that's such a good idea..." You say but your fried doesn't hear you and she's dragging you backstage. 
Once your backstage, your bestfriend spots her brother, and since he's the guitar player in Rob's band, once your friend says you wanna meet Rob, he comes right over. 
"Hey I'm Rob" Rob says and hugs you off guard 
"I'm _________, You guys were great out there" You say 
"Thanks" Rob said 
After you two get past the awkwardness, you start to talk and find out that even though your best friends brother is like 3 years older then you, Rob's your age. You two find out that you have tons of things in common. One thing leads o another when you start drinking with him and all the sudden you wake up the next day home in your bed with a note from Rob. 

'Thanks for last night. I had a lot of fun. Call me sometime and maybe we can hang out again...this time not drunk :) 

And you did call and hang out with Rob again (skipping on drinking and sleeping together again) and you start dating that same month. But soon Rob's band gets signed and he has to go away for 6 months. And now here you are, pregnant. 
"You should call and tell him" Your best friend says
"No...everytime I all him, he calls back and I miss him, i usually leave a message for him but i don't think telling someone your pregnant over voicemail is such a good thing" You say 
You cry on your bestfriends shoulder for a while before she leaves to go home. That night you tell your parents and amazingly their not mad, their actually happy for you, your mom promisses to not tell Rob if he calls whenever your not home. And things continue as normal for now except for the fact as the months go by, your belly gets bigger, and everymonth it gets bigger the more you want to call and tell Rob and wish he answeres. But he never does and always calls back leaving a message saying 'I love you Alyssa, your always on my mind, can't wait to see you when I get home'. And then finally one day the 6 months are up and Rob is coming home. The night before he's expected home, you still can't reach him and you fall asleep with a lot on your mind. The next morning you wake up to Rob sitting there on the other side of your bed watching you sleep. 
"Rob!" You say shocked and hug him, then automatically realize that he's probably gonna wonder why your HUGE now 
"Pregnant much?" Rob asks with a smile 
"..I tried to call andtell you but i didn't wanna leave a message like, Hey by the way I'm pregnant with your kid" You say 
"It's okay, I undertand and wait...the babys mine?" Rob asks and you see...happiness in his face 
"Yeah...What you think i slept with someone else while you were gone?!" You ask and smile 
"Well..I left you for 6 months...I thought you'd find someone better" Rob admitted 
"There's NO ONE better then you" You smile and kiss Rob  
In the middle of your kiss the baby kicks and Rob stops. 
"IT's one strong baby" Rob laughed
"He or She does that a lot" You smile 
You and Rob spend the rest of that day togehter and everyday. Rob stays at your house mostly now for the remaining 3 months to keep an eye on you. Then right on the due date as Rob was almost walking out the door to go to a band rehersal, your water breaks. Rob drives you to the hospital and you give birth to two beautiful faternal twins, Seith Adam and Hannah Rose.  Rob was holding his son for the first time while you were holding little Hannah when he starts to talk again after all the comotion. 
"You did a great job ________" Rob kissed you on your forhead "Their both beautiful, I love you" 
"I love you too" You smile up at Rob 
"When we get married, and we will, I know our kids will be the cutest ones there" Rob smiled 
You just laugh a little and kiss your new fiance'. You two end up getting married a few months later on the year anniversary that you and Rob started dating. 
Aww! I love happy endings! :)