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Truth or Dare with the Creepypasta s Part 2
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Ok, Before we start.... READ THE DESCIPTION!

Three weeks later I decide to come over to your house and invite you to another Sleepover party, but this time we`re also going to play 5 minutes in heaven. The guys liked you so much they begged me to invite you, so of course I said yes. I knocked on your door and you answered it, telling you I was having another Sleepover party.


You come over later that night and are greeted with the sound of blasting music and people talking. You knock, and Jeff the Killer opens the door, inviting you in. I stand up on a chair and announce that we`re going to play 7 Minutes in Heaven before we play Truth or Dare.


I make everyone put their belongings into my giant purple hat, and swish it around. I walk over to you and shove the hat in your face. The boys gets slightly giggly and jumpy, while the girls looked relieved that I didn't pick them. You close your eyes and bury your hand into the endless pit of belongings, until something you grasp something-


Whatever you picked, he dragged you to the closet and shut the door, while I locked it. You could hear distant giggling behind the other side of the door, and you looked up at that familiar face. He asked for his things back, and you handed him his-
(Sorry some are longer than others :l)


You finally came out of the closet, along with your dazed partner. 
"Ok people!" I said, standing on the chair again.
"We`re going to play Truth or Dare!"
Everybody cheers, and sits in a huge circle next to a bright red couch.
Ben: Ok Jeff Truth or Dare?
Jeff: Dare.
Ben: I dare you to take (Name) up to your bed and ~Do Stuff~
Jeff: *Poker Face*


You guys had made a lot of noise upstairs (If you know what I mean.) and came down all bruised and stuff.
Jeff: Er....Silver Truth or Dare.
Lost Silver: T-t-truth.
Jeff: Is it true that you like (Name)?
LS: E-erm-uh-Y-y-y-yes.


LS: O-o-k B-ben Truth or D-dare?
Ben: Dare.
LS: I-I-I dare you to...U-um... k-k-kiss (N-name)
Ben: Pffft! Too easy!!


Ben: Ok M and H Truth or Dare?
Masky and Hoodie (M&H): Truth.
Ben: Is it true that you would like to 'bed' with (Name)?
M&H: Uhhhhh.....Yes? No? *Stares awkwardly at each other*
Hoodie: Really Masky? Really?
Masky: Hey! Your only saying no because you don't want to publicly embarrass yourself!
Hoodie: .....Maybe.....


You guys had finally all fallen asleep in one big doggy pile.
"Psssht. Hey (Name)." I asked.
"One of the boys asked me if he could go out on a date with you tomorrow."
"Who is it?"


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