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What does your eye color say about you?
Quiz published October 27, 2013 · 155,188 takers
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So, what color is your eye anyway?
Interesting... How would you.. describe yourself (be honest)!! make sure to read them all
What word seems the most interesting to you.. (I need you to be honest!!)
Fantastic!! Now, Pick a smiley face !

A little bit of RolePlay (Once again be Honest) Do what you know you would really do. 

You look up and hear weeps coming from the toilet, you walk in steadily to see your best friend in the corner crying you then ask her "What's wrong" she looks up at you as the girls who bullied her to make her cry walk in, you:

You are being bullied, how do you handle it!

Bye guys! hope you like this quiz (affects answer) If you want more cool quizzes here is the link to them!

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