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Truth Or Dare with the creepypastas! (Creepypasta party 2)
Quiz published November 4, 2013 · updated November 7, 2013 · 2,954 takers
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Welcome to our creepypasta truth or dare! You may already know me, Penny The Killer.

I have with me, JeffBen, E.J, Slendy, Hoodie, Masky, and today we got our bud L.J!

Also, I want to introduce someone named Red Shadows (we shall call her R.S (:  ) created by my friend Beba, go check her out! And I chose to put my friend De's character, who, believe it or not is name De.

Alright! You ready to par-tay?

*opens the door* Hey Y/N! Glad you could make it! Hey everyone, you know Y/N.
*you walk in*
Where do you go? (we got a packed house tonight, so sit anywhere*
Hey..I have an idea! Everyone sit in a circle!
Oh, god, not truth or dare..

If you chose to leave:
Ugh. *goes after you, grabs your arm and pulls you back inside*

Okay, I'll go first! Y/N, truth or dare?
*grins evilly* Who do you like ?

Alright, your turn Y/N.
Hmm...Penny! Truth or dare?
Anyway..moving on. Masky, truth or dare?
I dare you to do seven minutes in heaven with Hoodie!
*smacks Penny after coming out of the closet* (dirty thoughts galore)
*laughs* Okay, okay. Go Masky.
*thinking* BEN, truth or dare.
Moving right along. Jeff.
*nudges him* Quit complaining.
Truth or dare?
Go ahead.
I don't like truth or dare.
*smiles at him* Pwease?
Y/N, truth or dare?
 Alright, alright. Truth or dare is over. Let's play..
How about we just party?
Whoop whoop.
Who do you want to party with?

Sorry this quiz was so late, I had major writers block while writing it, but I finally got it! :D

Cya next time! I might do one where you live with them and stuffs. Love my little baby killers. (oh, wait, that sounded wrong)


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