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Laughing Jack
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Laughing Jack

        Your host Lynn (ME!) was trying to get you to wear a stripped dress to the party. You've had a crush on Laughing Jack for a while now, and of course I know.. I KNOW EVERYTHING!!!!!!!!!!!! But anyways, you're refusing and that's how we got into the situation of me literally forcing you into the dress and Dia (My lil sis in the story) screaming her head off. You don't know why, and honestly neither do I, she just does that sometimes.
        "Lynn, I don't like this." You grumble with a pout. I grin at you as I fix part of your hair up with a black and white bow.
        "Oh come one (Y/N) he's going to think you look sooooooo cute!" I giggle.
        "Hey, (y/n) pick one." Dia says, suddenly in front of you with an extremely large hat. Rolling your eyes, you reach in and grab a small, round object. You pull it out and find that it's a piece of candy. Oh no... you know exactly who this belongs too..
        "LJ! GET YOUR BUTT UP HERE!!!!" I yell. Suddenly he poofs right next to you. 
        "Ello sugar." He whispers with a smirk from behind you. He kiss the tender skin causing goosebumps to rise. You glance around but Dia and I are already gone. 
        "Shh.. I only have seven minutes to show you how I fell. It will not be wasted." He mumbles with a soft chuckle before spinning you around and kissing you softly. As the minutes tick by the kiss grows hungrier and you can't help but get lost in the way he makes you feel. A cold surface is pressed against your back, or rather your back is being pressed against the wall as he deepens the kiss more. 
        "Okay, time's up guys.." I giggle as I open the door. But Laughing Jack throws a smoke bomb at the floor and takes you to his famous amusement park.
                                The rest of the night is up to your dirty little noodles... HAHAHAHHAH!!!!

~HEY GUYS!!!! You know I love y'all! But I love these peeps (and you should too) because they got me to actually make this quiz, and they're pretty cool so check them out. :)~


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