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Who is your godly parent? (Percy Jackson)
Quiz published November 9, 2013 · 1,635 takers
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Hello there! I'm Emily, and I'll be your guide through this quiz today.  So whenever you're ready to find out your godly parent, just clicked below to begin!

(I'm also a huge Percabeth shipper, so I'm going to put a Percabeth picture with each question. Sorry!)

So, first proper question: Which of these traits do you think you have? (If there is more than one, then pick the one that relates to you the most)
Next question: Favourite season?
And now, if you had a genie that could only grant you one wish, what would you wish for? (You can't wish for unlimited wishes!)
In the weekend, where would you be found?
Which of these quotes do like the most?
Well, thanks for doing my quiz everyone! Hope you enjoyed it! If you did, please follow, like and comment! I'd be ever so grateful if you would! Thanks again, and bye for now!

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