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Your Emo Baby Daddy (Long And Descriptive) FINISHED
Story published April 26, 2009 · completed · 14 pages · 7,680 readers · 16,593 reads
Alex Aiden Edgar
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Alex Aiden Edgar

Omg I can't do this anymore. you thought as you ran away from your boyfriend of a year's house. How could he do this to us to the family we were starting. You were going to his house to tell him you were two months pregnant. When you opened the door you seen him kissing the school tramp. You can't beleive it just this morning you guys talked and he told you he loved you and he would never leave you. So all the things he told you was a lie. You keep running till you cant feel your legs till you cant feel your heart breaking till you dont feel any pain anymore. Next thing you know you clapse to your knees and cry. You stop and look up when you hear someone calling your name. "_____" you heard them calling. "_____"  you hear them calling but they're getting closer. You look up and see Alex. He's starting to get closer and you don't want to see him. You get up and pull yourself together. You Start running again. (you've ran track when you were younger so you run really fast). You couldn't see because of all the tears  and on top of that it started to rain. Somehow you managed to find your way home. You double lock the door and run up to the bathroom. You pull the razor blade out of the cabinet. You sit there and your about to cut yourself when you have a flashback.

           Flashback  1 year ago        

"Okay everyone ," I say, "We're gonna play the bedroom game, so boys go find a room and girls stay with me." When the boys got up you seen a real cute emo boy stand up. He must have thought you were cute to because he shot you a perfect breath taking smile. So breath taking that you could have fainted and you  wouldn't have cared."Hello _____ is anybody home"? we all asled."Oh yeah im here." you repied."Oh thank god I thought I would have to slap you". I said. "Haha very funny, but who was that guy that walked past just now"? "Oh that's my cousin Alex," I told you. "Ok now girls _____ go's first go ahead _____ pick a room," you put your had in the hat and pull out a paper that says MASTER BEDROOM!!!!!!!!!! "Ok _____ You got the master bedroom go up stairs and you'll find your man!!" Your walking and all you can think is I hope it's Alex please let it be Alex. You open the door and go to walk in when you trip over a shoe box. You close your eyes and hope you don't fall hard. But you don't hit the floor and you feel a six pack against your body. You quickly open your eyes and see Alex. "Omg I'm sooooooooo sorry" you say. "No it's my fault I should have never had the lights off _____" he said his voice soo sweet and deep like velvet. "How do you know my name"? you ask curiously. "Well I asked my cousin Tianna because I think your beautiful you look like an angel straight out of heaven" he replied flashing you that breath taking smile. "Well thank you Alex" you replied. "Well angel how do you know my name"? "I have my resoures" you say mysteriously. "So I have a question for you _____"he said. "Well what would that be " you ask putting you're arms behind your back. "I want you to show me your arms right now". "Okay,"you say looking at your blood stained sleeves. All you coulg think in omg omg I knew I should have never cut before the party,I hope thisthis doesn't change the way he thinks of me. He took your arms and pulled up your sleeves slowly. "Oh my god angel why are you doing this to yourself"? He asked as he pulled you into a nice hug. "Well," you started feeling the lump in your throat rise. "Well," you started over again but you can't help it  you burst into tears. "WWWWell p-p-parents  died along with my little brother Brayon (A.K.A. Bray)," you said, "Iloved them especially Bray, he had the most cutest laugh and smile with the perfect dimples, he me happy when I was the sadest, he made me smile when I wanted to break down and cry, he's the very reason I stopped skipping school and smoking, he's the very reason I'm still alive because if he would have never been born I would have never stopped cutting I went to rehab so he could have a positive role model, he was myreason to live,breathe,eat,get up in the morning,and sleep at night and now h-h-he's g-g-gone!!!!" you exclaimed. "It's alright beautiful I;m here and I won't ever leave or hurt you , will you be my reason for living gorgeous"? "Of course"!!!!! you scream at the top of your lungs. He then tilts your chin up and kisses you.

             Back To The Present        You sit on the bathroom floor the door locked. Omg I can't beleive he lied to me he killed me insode. You thought, he's the reason I'm sittind here with this razor blade in my hand. HIM,HIM,HIM. You know what if I die from this I want everyone to know it's his fault. So you take the razor arch it in your hand and wrote, It's Alex's fault Alex,ALex,ALEx,ALEX,ALEX AIDEN EDGAR. You can't even feel any pain at all. Nothing hurts more than finding your life kissing the school tramp. At that point when you saw that your life was over. You body went numb. You thought, why the hell did god do this to me what did I do to diserve this. I hate my life. I want to die. Just lay here and die. That's what I'll do. You thought, I'm gonna commit suicide. But I have to write a suicide note first.

                Suicide Note             

I love you all. I'm sorry I have to leave you but I just have to. Alex broke my heart. He cheated. I gave him my heart and he broke it and spit on it and stomped it to the ground. I love my unborn baby. They're the only thing I have left and they're part of the reason I'm doing this. So they don't have to live with a single 15 year old mom and no dad. I want them to have a better life than I did. So they can live in heaven. And for you Alex I loved you but you hurt me you killed me inside but that doesn't change the way I feel about you. I still love you with all the passion in my bones. I'll miss you and I hope you'll miss me. But remember this was your fault all of it goodbye and I love ya babe.
Signed- A pregnant suicidual named _____

          After note writing            

You walk to the window to see the rain and lightning and hear the thunder one more time. You walk downstairs and grab the longest,shinyest, and sharpest butcher knife. You take it and stab yourself in the stomach right through your bellybutton. Next thing you know Alex breaks down the door and runs over to your bloody body. Your laying there looking at the pain in his eyes  laughing. Seeing him in pain is so funny. After he hurt you anything that causes him pain is funny. You take your warm bloody hands and put them to his cheeks. "I loved you but you hurt me bye forever Alex I love ya babe". Everything goes black,"Nooooo _____ please don't do this" is the last thing you heard.