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Would you be Anna or Elsa from Disney's Frozen( Girls on
Quiz published 10 months ago · updated 6 months ago · 22,385 takers
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Why hello there, I am Yukiko but please call me YUKI for short . 
Our Special Guests:  Queen Elsa Arendelle and Princess Anna Arendelle! wink
Elsa: Hello
Anna: Hey!
Yuki:  Now for the Questions, I will go first!
Elsa and Anna: Okay
Yuki: Would you rather be called The Snow Queen or Feisty Pants?


Yuki: O Queen, It's your turn!
Elsa:  Um.................. Would you rather be far away to protect others or not?
Anna: If I was the quiz taker, I would choose none!
Elsa: Well, It's a good thing that you're not the quiz taker!
Anna: I know


Yuki: Okay What do you look for a guy?
Anna: Why do you asked that, Yuki?
Yuki: It's the 1st question that comes to my mind
Anna: Oh


Elsa: Are you easily upset or easily angered?
Yuki: heheheheh smiley
Anna: Um LA, What are you giggling on?
Yuki: Oh, I just remembered me and my older sister when Elsa asked her question!
Elsa: Would you mind telling us?
Yuki: My Older sister is easily angered while I  easily get upset!


Anna: Are you always free to go anywhere you want or You never want to go outside?


Yuki: What do you prefer Happiness or Adventure?
Anna: Well you could have happiness during  Adventure
Elsa: That's True, sister!


Yuki: Okay Time for RP
Elsa: If everyone around you thinks your Dangerous because of your Ice Powers then you suddenly run away from them all.
You find out that you were on the mountains yet You have no shelter, What will you do?
Anna: Now that's one long RP
Yuki: For you!


Anna: If your sister was in grave danger, What shall you do?
Elsa: You are relating yourself to the Quiz!
Anna: have it your own way, sister
Yuki: Ladies, Please no fighting in here


Anna: What song would you rather choose in the answers below?
Yuki: You include Music too, Cool!
Anna: Thanks


Yuki: Okay this would be the Last Question! Then after this, say your good byes My Ladies!
Elsa and Anna: Okay
Yuki: What do you prefer to be your Quote?


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