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Rose-Independent &
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Rose-Independent "Tough" Girl
Your name is Rose.

        "Ahh!" You let out a yawn, you stretched your arms. 
You were playing some hard-core video-games. And yet,
you were tired. You decided to take a walk. 
But, something caught your eye. 
It was pretty interesting.
You stared at the sign.
"Girls! Boys! Gender-swap!"
You smiled to yourself, but then it turned into a grin.
You always wanted to be a boy.
You were practically a boy!
You payed 25 cents. And the owner 
of the booth whispered words to a spell?
You stared at your body. You're a boy, now.
You decided to call yourself Rune.
Rest is up to you.

~My Edit Shop: ~
Yes, I am quite aware that some of the characters are actually from animes/and or manga. But, I do not want to hear it. I know like Haruhi and all.  >.> And Kazune and Karin. So, no need to clarify! It's actually a little annoying... >.<

But, I just made a little story, and "viola~!", it's done. I had to change the name, because it's more interesting.
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