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Viridian Stone
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Viridian Stone

Viridian Stone is a fallen angel who love to watch people. The mistakes we make intrigue him. He's much to innocent for his own good

____ = name

~How you met/found out~

You were doing what you do everyday, walking around your local park. But you couldn't help but feel like you were being followed but not in the creepy way you always hear in ghost stories. It was pleasant, like someone was looking out for you. You turned around to see if anyone was there but alas there was no one. So you turn back around only to come face to face with a young man. His warm brown eyes shone with innocence but at the same time he looked so shy, like he hadn't planed on being seen. He wasn't tall, but that's not to say he was short. He was just... average height.
"Umm hello." you said slightly confused.
"Hi." he said in a quiet but strong voice.
"Were you the one who was following me?"
He just nodded.
"I was sent to take care of you."
"Take care of me?"
"Yes well you see I'm a fallen angel and in order to get back into heaven I have to protect someone."
You paused for a moment to proses his words. "That's so cool!" he flinched at how loud you were. "What's your name?" you asked.

~How you fell in love/told him~

So this boy has been around for over a month. It's not that he was annoying but he was starting to get on your nerves with his contest worrying. He's always asking if your ok or if you need help or if you were hurt. He really did worry to much.
"____? where are you?" Came Viridian's voice from down the hall. You were trying to have a nap. Last night you didn't get enough sleep since you woke from the most terrible nightmare and you couldn't get anymore sleep. He then came into your room and saw your form cuddled under your blanket. He then sat on the bed.
"____, are you ok? You're not feeling sick are you?" He asked in a worried tone
"I'm fine just sleepy." You said tiredly.
"How come?"
"I had a bad dream and didn't get enough sleep."
"Do you want me to go?"
You just stayed silent. You  wanted him to stay. You wanted him to climb under the blankets and cuddle with you. Yes you were in love with this sweet fallen angel.
"Could you stay here with me?"
He paused for a moment then smiled. "Ok" he crawled under the blankets and hugged you, this caused you to blush at least 50 shades of red.
There were a few moments of silence before Viridian spoke, thinking you were asleep.
"I think I've found something that makes me want to stay on Earth." He paused. "It's you, _____. I love you."
You smiled "I love you too."
He blushed at this. "Y-You're still awake?"

~the rest is up to your imagination~

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