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Tmnt seven minutes in heaven
Quiz published January 4, 2014 · updated 11 months ago · 1,857 takers
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Bmo: hey guys! it me! me and mikey are hosting a game called "Seven minutes in heaven". YAY! 
Leo: oh god.....*blushes*
Donnie: oh no......
Raph: i was forced  to do this.....-_-
mikey: yay!!!!! I love games! 
Bmo: what's your name? 


Bmo: ok first things first......Leo!!!!! Come here! 
Leo: what Bmo?
Bmo: ask her a question. ^-^
Leo: *sigh* fine. Do u like space hero? 


Bmo: ok raph!!!! Come here, now! Please! ^-^
Raph: *groans* what do u want?
Bmo: ask her a question plzzzzz ^-^
Raph: fine. What's your weapon?


Bmo: Ok. Mikey!!! your turn. ^-^
Mikey: alright. What's or favorite pizza topping? 
Bmo: ^-^


Bmo: who's left out?
Mikey: I think it was Donnie.
Bmo: yeah. It was. ^-^ DONNIE!!!!!!!
Donnie: what BMO? 
Bmo: ask her a question. 
Donnie: fine......are you 
Bmo: ask her a question. 
Donnie: *sigh* fine. Do u like science? 
Bmo: -_-

OK that's it hope u enjoyed it. ^-^

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