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Seven minutes in emo heaven. [Detailed long results for girl
Story published June 20, 2009 · 4 pages · 5,016 readers · 14,198 reads
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You slowly reach in the hat and pull out an iPod, you look around and say 'I got an iPod.." Then you see a guy that you've had a crush on since you can remember stand up. You hear a group of people say "Yeah" and stuff like that as he walks over to you. He grabs your hand and kisses it softly. "Hello ____, looks like we get seven minutes in heaven." You felt your heart sink as you stood up and followed him into the closet. Once you got in your back was pressed up against a wall and he was kissing you passionately. You couldn't believe it, but you started to kiss back. After a minute or two, he pulled away and said "____.. Do you even know I exist?" You nod your head slowly, not sure what to say to that. "Because every time I come around and try to get your attention you always look away, or look down, or go do something else. What's that about?" he looked you in your eyes, and you felt your stomach knot up, like it had exploded and there's a million butterflies in it. "Well.. The thing is that I've liked you for a long time. And I've just been too shy to do anything.. I mean.. every time I'm around you it's like you take my breath away without even trying..." You looked down and blushed, feeling kind of stupid for spilling your guts like that. He put his finger under your chin and lifted your head so you were looking at him, then he kissed you softly but passionately. "_____, you're beautiful. Everything I've ever wanted. Be mine?" he looked at you and blushed, when you saw him blush you smiled and hugged him tightly. "Yes, I'll be yours, if you'll be mine." He nodded his head as the door opened. "Want a piggy back ride out?" You nod and jump on his back, and he carries you out. You two spend the rest of the night together, then he gives you his number, and you go home, but you can't sleep because all you can think about is him. So you call him and you two talk all night.