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Just a Dream, kidnapped by One Direction part 2
Quiz published 8 months ago · 3,720 takers
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Hi girls! Here is the next part of Just a Dream! If you haven't seen the first part here is the link: Just a Dream.
So I hope you like it and yeah, I think that is pretty much it! I hope you enjoy! X

'Liam, come help me, open the door so I can put her on the chair!' a voice said in your head. You looked open-eyed at him.
'A- Are you Li- Liam?' you stuttered.
Now it was his turn to look suprised. 'Yea, how do you know? I didn't tell you.'
'I- I don't know. I just remembered that someone said that you must open the door so someone could put me on a chair.' you said.
'Oh well, then you know my name by now.' he said and he stood up. 'Come, I will help you.' He reached his hand out to you but you didn't take it and tried to stand by yourself. But when you knew your legs couldn't care yourfelf you grabbed his arm and leaned for a second to him. He laughed because of your stubborness. You looked down to your legs and tried to walk by yourself.
'Are you okay?' he asked a little concerned.
'I am,' you took a breath. 'fine..' you leaned against the wall.
Liam opened the door and waited for you to come but when you stood by the door you looked at him. 'Why am I here?' you asked nervously.
'None of your buisness.' he said calm.
'Well, where am I going?' you asked then.
'You will see, just come with me.'
What do you think?

You walked behind him and you were going downstairs. He stopped by a door and opened it for you. You saw two boys in the room, one leaning to the fridge and another sitting on a table. They stopped talking when they saw you and Liam.
You recognized the boys and again you heard voices in your head. "Come on, Louis. Put that cloth on her face!" was the first sentence you heard, the boy leaning at the frigde must be Louis. "Zayn, did you see how scared she was of you when you destroyed her last hope? She was scared as hell man!' another voice said. You saw that your mobile felt on the ground and that Zayn it broke to pieces. You started to hurt a lot and you helt your hand to your forhead. But it just hurted more and more. You leaned to the wall and were breathing really fast. Zayn noticed you and walked really fast to you. 'Are you okay? Y/N? Answer me.' he said.
You shaked your head and you putte your to his chest. 'It hurts.. so much.. Zayn.. please let it sto-' you felt and he could catch you. He laid you down on the ground, your head on his lap. 'Y/N, calm down, take a breath and stay with me, okay?'
The other boys kneeled shocked down by you. Liam taked your hand and started talking to you but you didn't hear it. Their faces were fading away and the last thing you saw was?


When you opened your eyes you were lying at a couch with five boys in the same room. You could hear their talk but didn't understand what they were saying. 'Wh-What happend?' you whisperd.
'Boys, she is awake!' someone said.
'Y/N! Can you hear me?' you saw Zayn came at you.
'Y-Yeah..' you stuttered. 'I am.. fine..'
'Do you have any pain?' a boy with curly hair said.
"What are you doing Harry? Just take her into the car!" you heard a voice said inside your head.
'Harry..?' you wishperd.
'How did she know my name?' he asked suprised.
'I don't know, she did know my name too but I didn't tell her my name.' Liam said.
'Can I ask you something?' you asked slowly.
'Yes?' the five boys said at exact the same time.
'What.. am I doing here? Do I know you? Why did you kidnap me?'
'Wowow, one question please,' Louis said.
'What do you wanna know?' Zayn asked.


'What am I doing here?' you asked.
'We can't tell you,' Harry said. 'But I can say that you have to stay here for a while if you don't mind.' he said with a smirk.
'I wanna go home.' you said slowly.
'We understand but you really have to stay here.' said a boy with blond hair. "Calm down, Niall I am coming just hold her for a second!"
So that is Niall, you thought. 'Are you gonna hurt me?'
'Not if you will be nice, so do not break the rules.' Liam said.
'Rules?' you asked.
'Yeah do not escape, be nice to us and do what we say, then everything will be fine.'
Do you agree with this?

So yeah that was it for now! I really hope you liked it and if you did give a heart please! And I hope I can upload the next part this weekend! Love you all and if you have any questions don't hasitate to ask :) So yeah freebie!

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